More Top 100 US Retailers Use Button For Deep Linking Affiliate & Influencer Traffic.

Fixes broken tracking and attribution, improves user experiences, dynamically deep links into apps, and grows customer’s revenue

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Button drives results for top US retailers

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Built For Today's Affiliate & Creator Marketing Strategies.

Existing creator and app tracking platforms lack reliability for today's marketing models. Button optimizes "post-tap" traffic, ensuring optimal shopping experiences, triple-digit revenue boosts, and increased app traffic.

Drive Measurable Revenue Increases

Tackling inefficiencies in current affiliate and app tracking platforms, Button strives to reduce wasteful practices and elevate revenue in today’s dynamic marketing landscape.

Evolution of Deep Linking

Originally designed for static app redirection, Button now prioritizes seamless conversion, enhancing the post-tap shopping experience.

Transformative Innovations

At the forefront of innovation, Button redefines affiliate and creator traffic with cutting-edge technology. This results in AI-optimized conversion funnels for maximum efficiency and impact.

AI-Enhanced Optimization

Leveraging an AI-enabled platform, Button strategically focuses on post-tap optimization, delivering optimal shopping experiences and remarkable triple-digit revenue increases.

Streamlined Shopping Journeys

Button ensures seamless shopping journeys, converting affiliate and creator traffic into revenue opportunities, enhancing overall online shopping experiences for consumers.

Smart Attribution Solutions

Introducing intelligent attribution solutions, Button addresses the challenge of tracking and attributing revenue accurately. This ensures marketers can make informed decisions and optimize their strategies effectively.

Sam's Club

“Button has created a major opportunity to utilize additional marketing channels to drive app installs. By working with Button’s PostTap platform, more channels of marketing have begun to fuel Sam's Club's key mobile initiatives, more than we ever thought they could before.”


"Button gives us the ability to uniquely personalize content and offers for our customers in a way that’s not possible anywhere else. We’re excited to move forward building more ways for our tens of millions of active customers to shop and save."

Amplify Your Affiliate Earnings

Maximize publisher-oriented Earnings Per Click (EPC) and provide shoppers with unparalleled conversion experiences. Bid farewell to overlooked poor interactions that once hindered your revenue growth.


Revitalize Retail Revenue

Unlock triple digit growth in revenue using Button's AI to optimize your links. Integrated with all the primary affiliate networks, enabled to mend broken deep linking for a phenomenal boost in in-app conversion. See social traffic conversion flourish across leading platforms.


Optimize Campaign Prosperity

Unleash the potential for substantial growth in campaign earnings. Break free from the shackles of tracking and attribution issues, ensuring you reap the full rewards you deserve. Button is your gateway to unlocking unparalleled earning potential.

More Traffic + Optimized Conversion Funnel.

1. Low Code/No Code implementation.
2. AI that optimizes conversions, outcomes, and revenue.
3. Increased insights, visibility, and attribution on your shoppers.
4. Improved consumer shopping experiences.


Social traffic grows impressively, soaring with a 300% surge.


Retailer programs thrive, witnessing sustained and robust 100% growth.


Open web traffic expands by 50%, reaching a broader audience.


Some of the top questions asked by our customers.

How does Button enhance affiliate and creator marketing?

Button revolutionizes these channels with AI-optimized conversion funnels, elevating efficiency and revenue.

What sets Button apart from existing tracking platforms?

Unlike traditional platforms, Button addresses inefficiencies, reducing wasteful practices and adapting to the dynamic marketing landscape.

How does Button redefine deep linking technology?

Originally for static app redirection, Button now prioritizes seamless conversion, enhancing post-tap shopping experiences.

What benefits does Button's AI-enhanced optimization bring?

Leveraging AI, Button strategically focuses on post-tap optimization, delivering remarkable triple-digit revenue increases for customers.

How does Button ensure a seamless shopping experience?

Button converts affiliate and creator traffic into revenue opportunities, enhancing overall online shopping experiences for consumers.