Instant Rewards

Get an instant alert every time you drive a customer to purchase. Use it to deliver real-time experiences.

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End the Confusion

When a customer places an order with a brand they found on your platform, they want to hear from you immediately.

Problems with Mobile Web

Instant Rewards Enables Instant Gratification

Instant Rewards sends Button Publishers an immediate alert when they drive a purchase through a Brand partner. This signal unlocks engagement opportunities at a key moment in the customer journey.

Increase Customer Confidence

Assure your customers by acknowledging their purchase immediately.

Increase Customer Engagement

Bring your customers back on platform after they checkout.

Install bounties
Deliver Differentiated Value

Build your unique experience based on our immediate signal.

The Instant Rewards Experience

Connect with your customer in less than 5 seconds after they complete a purchase.

Multi Touch Experience

Additional Solutions

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