Smarter mobile acquisition

Acquire high value users with dynamic commissions based on your customer’s purchase history.

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Segment with Button to dynamically double engagement and have confidence that you're driving incremental traffic.


Targeting based on customer history

Pay less for re-engagement than new user acquisition.

Dynamic commissions

Dynamic commissions

Offer publishers increased new user rates and incentivize them to promote your brand.

Publisher customers

Increased publisher customer volume

With more relevant offers, users are more likely to engage with your brand, resulting in a 108% increase in taps.


Real-time insights into efficiency

Understand purchase behavior to prove, with data, that you’re driving incremental traffic from your affiliate channel.

Incremental traffic means more engagement and more frequent purchases.

Merchants who implement segmentation see their average order value increase by 35%. They also see a 15% higher purchase rate when using dynamic offerings.

Customer Segments
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Increase in purchases from new users.


Increase in gross revenue.

In a short amount of time, Button has become one of our most effective channels we use for driving mobile acquisition. Being able to tap into different publishers with relevant offerings not only drives sales within our app, but new, high-value repeat purchasers as well.

Lauren Picasso

Director of Marketing, Jet

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