The partnership between CJ and  Button has yielded significant results in optimizing affiliate revenue and transforming affiliate marketing into an effective app acquisition channel. Leveraging Button's PostTap product, which utilizes AI to optimize links across various platforms, the collaboration has resulted in CJ clients more than doubling their affiliate revenue. The case study revealed a notable increase in mobile conversions, with a remarkable +218% higher conversion rate in-app compared to the web, and a 14% increase in average order value for in-app transactions.

Furthermore, the strategic partnership addresses the crucial aspect of influencer marketing, where a substantial portion of traffic originates from mobile devices. Button's analysis of over $6 billion in mobile commerce highlighted that influencers and creators may miss over 50% of their entitled revenue due to broken mobile experiences. However, with PostTap integration, influencers experience a significant revenue boost, including a 230% lift from Instagram traffic, +175% from Facebook, +170% from Pinterest, and +100% from TikTok. These results emphasize the importance of incorporating mobile apps into high-converting channels, such as affiliate marketing, for marketers seeking success in their campaigns.

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