Optimize affiliate partnerships for mobile

Mobile commerce is the fastest-growing channel for consumer spending. But for affiliate marketing, that rapid growth brings new challenges, including unreliable tracking, clunky user experiences, and overburdened engineering resources. Button’s unique mobile technology works alongside your affiliate networks to fix these challenges and drive new value from your existing partnerships.

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Optimize your mobile traffic for app users

Button partners with Awin, Impact, Partnerize, and Rakuten Affiliate Network to optimize your existing partnerships for app environments and drive highly valuable app installs and up to 50% increase in gross merchandise sales per tap.

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Improve user experience

App users are your most loyal and valuable. Putting them on a more seamless purchase path means a better user experience for them and higher conversions and lifetime value for you.

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Get started easily

Start growing your mobile sales quickly and easily with a simple one-time integration. Or if you’re already working with Button directly, reach out to your account team to get started today.

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Partnering with Button has enabled us to seamlessly provide app experiences for our brands that drive more revenue, installs and a better customer experience.

— Paul Stewart, Head of Global Strategic Partnerships & Innovation, Awin

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Optimized affiliate traffic technology

Button’s technology intelligently routes incoming affiliate traffic to your app, app installation or mobile web experience to ensure purchase completion.

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Seamless app-to-app flow

70% of users prefer to purchase in apps. Keep them on track with Button’s seamless app-to-app transaction flow.

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Patented install technology

Button’s patented technology installs brand apps, while keeping transaction and tracking intact.

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