Affiliate & Influencer Conversion is Broken.  Button uses AI to fix it.

Supercharge the traffic running through affiliates into high-performing conversion funnels that deliver +300% increases in sales.

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PostTap supercharges your marketing in mobile.

Maximize the return on every dollar spent in paid marketing and control your own closed loop re-engagment channel with PostTap. Fully attributable, privacy first, customer opt-in marketing.
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Tap brings powerful shopping and rewards to your product

Publishers use Button to power their mobile loyalty products driving more sales, more app users, higher average spend and higher lifetime value.
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Button drives results for top US retailers

PostTap partner logos for, Sams Club, Expedia, Overstock and Etsy.PostTap Partners Sams Club and Expedia logos

Built For Today's Affiliate & Influencer Marketing Strategies.

Current affiliate and app tracking platforms aren't reliable and weren’t built for the models employed in today’s affiliate and influencer marketing.  Deep linking technology was built to statically drive users into apps rather than optimize for conversion, but these new models rely on conversion to deliver revenue through a seamless shopping experience. Button focuses on optimization and conversion of traffic "post tap", delivering optimal shopping experiences for consumers, triple digit revenue increases for customers, and more app traffic for brands.
PostTap is the AI powered personalization and optimization product that the world’s most sophisticated marketers use to drive higher revenue & conversion rates, more app installs & usage, and increase the number of 1st party relationships they capture from their traffic
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Sam's Club

“PostTap has created a major opportunity to utilize additional marketing channels to drive app installs. By working with Button’s PostTap platform, more channels of marketing have begun to fuel Sam's Club's key mobile initiatives, more than we ever thought they could before.”
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Cash App

"Tap gives us the ability to uniquely personalize content and offers for our customers in a way that’s not possible anywhere else. We’re excited to move forward building more ways for our tens of millions of active customers to shop and save."
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Tap is a commerce enablement product that aggregates card linked and online affiliate offers through one integration while providing personalized experiences at scale
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More Traffic + Optimized Conversion Funnel.

1. Low Code/No Code implementation.
2. AI that optimizes conversions, outcomes, and revenue.
3. Increased insights, visibility, and attribution on your shoppers.
4. Improved consumer shopping experiences.


In mobile commerce driven from the Button platform


The average increase in revenue seen in app journeys vs mobile web


Average increase in LTV for 1st time app buyers vs 1st time web buyers







Supercharge your affiliate and influencer strategy with Button

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