Be first in mobile commerce

Button is the acquisition and retention platform built for the mobile economy

acquire customers

A powerful cross-app network

Drive discovery of your application through a network of complementary apps that help you acquire the most valuable users in the mobile economy.

retain customers

A spending and engagement accelerator

Unlock long-term customer value and retention by delivering an enterprise-level loyalty toolset activated in hours versus months.

App Engagement

Button provides a branded loyalty and rewards toolkit that allows you to act on insights to increase app engagement.

Own the lifecycle

Track cohorts through sign-up and activation. Mitigate migration and re-activate lost customers. Measure impact on segment growth.

Test into everything

Leave nothing to chance. Test into Button with a small population and increase exposure. Measure the impact of your most loyal customers.

The simplest integration


Robust Developer APIs

All Button functionality can be accessed through our developer APIs with industry-leading security & stability. Points are a form of currency & we take that very seriously.


SDKs for major platforms

We've created SDKs for the all of the major platforms so that you can get your integration started with just a few lines of code and have drop-in UI components for beautiful, rich representation of loyalty inside of your app.


Full Documentation

We've painstakingly documented everything about our API (complete with sample CURL requests) so that when you have a question during integration, the answer is right there waiting for you... if it's not, you can always fall back on our white glove integration support.

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