Button Optimizes Mobile Links for Publishers to Drive Greater than 40% Revenue Increases

Button's Publisher solution is a no code implementation that optimizes Publishers mobile commerce traffic with AI powered conversion optimization & deep linking to Publishers retail partners.

Button optimizes commerce for the best

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Increase affiliate traffic across all channels and deliver increased revenue now.


Lift in EPC from Open Web.


Lift in EPC from Social Traffic.


Apps Conversion Increase vs Web

Purpose built for the commerce-focused Publisher.

Better shopping experiences.
Button’s linking solutions are simple to adopt and don’t require any changes in integrations with networks or retailers or any changes to editorial processes.  Simply, adopt one of Button’s many linking options, and immediately start generating increases in revenue.
Mobile linking is hard.
Within an average week Button is seeing 400 Operating System Versions, 60 Browser Versions, 5,000 different apps, and 172 Countries sending commerce traffic, it’s impossible for publishers to ensure all links are optimized for each scenario and to ensure that tracking is intact.  Button converts this complexity into opporutnity with AI.
Trusted by leading publishers.
Button’s simple to adopt deep linking tools and AI powered deep linking can be launched in minutes. Immediately be driving increases in revenue north of 40% in open web traffic and 300% on social traffic.  Now, Button is used by a majority of the Top 10 Publishers in the US.

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