Your Q4 planning is already well underway with ambitious revenue and efficiency goals set for this holiday season. In uncertain economic times, marketers have even more pressure to drive sales while maintaining positive ROI — all the while needing to quickly adapt to new product releases, supply side constraints, resource limitations, and more. Fortunately, Button has partnered with some of the world's most innovative enterprise brands to reveal the most powerful tool in their Q4 arsenal, SMS. Leverage these five tips for using SMS to both create a new loyal consumer base and engage with existing consumers this holiday season.




1. Drive subscribers early to leverage first-party relationships

You don't want to wait until Black Friday rolls around to start building your SMS subscriber list. By widely deploying collection prompts — on Button's landing page, in-app, onsite, in-store, or in other channels like email — you can quickly start to build an opted-in subscriber base in your CRM to engage and re-engage with this holiday season and beyond. With Button's PostTap SMS partners seeing 25x ROI on average, you can't afford to miss this opportunity to forge meaningful connections with your customers in the channel they interact with most.

2. Offer a compelling welcome message

In aggregate, Button PostTap SMS partners see 7% of users electing to enroll in SMS updates. That first touch-point with your new SMS subscriber is critical, so make it count! Based on Button's findings, the most effective welcome messages and increase in collection rates occur when an SMS user is offered a unique coupon code or offer as soon as they share their phone number. We have also seen great success with brands who deploy 'reminder campaigns' to message consumers if they haven't yet made a purchase.


3. Always be testing!

The smartest marketers aren't using gut instinct to make decisions about how, when, and where to communicate with their consumer base. By leveraging Button's PostTap SMS testing suite, savvy marketers are constantly running A/B testing across different copy, personalization, geo-based targeting, message types (MMS vs. SMS) and more. By testing SMS — one of the highest ROI channels to launch in the last decade — before the peak holiday shopping period, you'll be armed with the data you need to effectively engage with your customers when it matters the most and ultimately reach your goals. Utilizing Button, SMS partners receive an average of $3 in sales per message sent, which at scale can drastically impact your bottom line in Q4.

4. Use MMS as a branding opportunity leading into Q4

MultiMedia Messaging Service (MMS) is a great opportunity to showcase what makes your brand stand apart from thousands of other retailers consumers could spend their hard earned dollars on. Getting consumers excited about new product launches, collaborations, and in-store events is critical in the build up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. In fact, McKinsey & Company's recent spending survey reported that 46% of US consumers recently switched brands in 2022, and about 90% plan to incorporate these new behaviors into their shopping routines. Button's PostTap SMS solutions can help retailers get innovative with their offers and marketing media buys to ensure your brand stays top of mind.


5. Choose the right SMS technology partner

To run a successful SMS program you need expert, customized advice unique to your business objectives, or endless engineering resources. Button's team of enterprise partner success managers have a wealth of retail experience running successful SMS campaigns and will serve as an extension of your organization. Button will work with you to set up a customized set of recommendations, copy, and creative to hit your specific ROAS and branding goals. Using our real-time dashboard, partner success managers monitor your campaign performance, provide detailed performance recaps, optimization tactics, and more. What's more? You can test PostTap SMS for 30 days and deploy it all with no code.


Get started with SMS

The no code revolution is here now and privacy-safe, first-party communications are integral to any marketers' playbook this holiday season and beyond. In these economic times — with marketing budgets more scrutinized than ever before — it's critical to test channels, like SMS, that will deliver opportunities to have meaningful timely connections with your most valuable audience again and again. By utilizing these five strategies in your Q4 marketing plan with Button's PostTap SMS solution, you'll be better equipped to reach your revenue targets while maximizing budget efficiency.


If you're looking to achieve high ROI and resource efficiency with your Q4 campaigns, connect with us to get PostTap SMS up and running today!