Button announced the General Availability of the first phase of features in our game-changing Button for Publishers solution, empowering publishers to unlock new revenue streams and maximize their monetization potential.

At the heart of digital commerce lies a pervasive challenge: broken user experiences, lost attribution, and consequently, lost revenue. With Button, we aim to provide Publishers a way to organically grow their revenue streams by maximizing the value for every click. Rather than solely relying on strategic changes like investing in social media or sourcing out content with the likes of Apple News, they can use Button’s link optimization to drive higher earnings per click. 

Mobile commerce sales are expected to account for 62% of all retail sales by 2027. As a result, publisher commerce teams are more dynamic than ever, including team members in partnerships, editorial, product, engineering, and BI to ensure that their content is both actionable and a seamless user experience, all the while maximizing ROI for their retail partners.

Why Links Break 

Navigating through mobile commerce traffic resembles moving through a labyrinth, where routing the user down the highest converting path from product link to product page is complicated by many environmental variables. These include operating systems (OS), location, app regulations, browser versions, software updates, and user privacy preferences. Button’s platform sees over 60 browser types weekly and over 400 distinct software versions at the moment users initiate clicks, creating thousands of different starting points. Utilizing AI and machine learning in real-time, Button adeptly evaluates these factors to determine the optimal conversion-tuned purchase path. 

Navigating Deep-Linking Issues

Consumer behavior in online shopping has evolved, with an increasing emphasis on seeking trustworthy product reviews or guides to make their purchasing decisions. Additionally, rather than shopping on desktops, consumers are increasingly doing so on their mobile devices. In fact, 20.1% of retail purchases are expected to take place online in 2024. Consequently, publishers have capitalized on this trend by becoming prominent players in affiliate marketing, leveraging product referral commissions to generate profits. However, the technology supporting the affiliate space often fails to meet the requirements of mobile traffic effectively, leading to poor user experience and suboptimal routing. 

Directing consumers into retailers' apps, when installed, proves to be the most crucial factor for driving conversion. Why? Historically, traffic that is routed into a brand app results in a 300% higher conversion rate compared to traditional mobile shopping visits. This is attributed to a seamless checkout experience with fewer clicks, saved shipping, and payment information. Publishers may not be aware that a broken link or a poor user experience could negatively impact their profits. There is no easy way to detect this problem, and Publishers can’t rely on user feedback alone to monitor the deep-linking experience.  Directors of revenue are often surprised by the impact they can make to their monetization when they implement deep links - see Buzzfeed’s quote below - and also check out Bill Ready, CEO of Pinterest’s quote on the topic in their quarterly earnings in Q2:  “In July, we brought our mobile deep linking product or MDL to general availability, opening up this highly performant offering to more advertisers. MDL is a great fit for retailers who want to drive users to purchase an item on their mobile app and has been a significant driver of our shopping ads revenue growth over the past 9 months”

Contact Button for Publisher Deep-Linking Optimization

The key advantage of Button lies in its years of enabling AI-powered deep linking strategies for the world’s largest retailers - including Uber, the Expedia Group, Sam’s Club and dozens more global category leaders.  Leveraging years of experience and integrations that seamlessly connect into every major affiliate platform, Button’s AI learns from billions of inputs daily on how best to treat each independent link. Our customers are able to dynamically adapt to the constantly evolving landscape of deep-linking, regardless of where the journey begins—whether in-app or on mobile web—and despite environmental variables like operating system or software version. 

Button offers publishers peace of mind that their yield will be maximized with our solution! With each click their content garners, it ensures that the highest possible earning per click is achieved. Contact Button to discover how your links can be optimized for higher revenue.

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