Button Evolution™ is a new suite of products for the affiliate marketing industry which enables personalization, intelligent spending, and profit maximization.

Today, we announced the launch of Button Evolution™, the affiliate industry's first suite of personalization and intelligence products, including the newest product, Actionable Intelligence, that provides marketers with the ability to achieve their objectives through striking a balance between volume and profitability. 

Affiliate marketing is one of the most profitable channels for marketers—it delivers a 12:1 return on advertising spend according to the Performance Marketing Association. While profitable, the affiliate channel has not offered marketers personalization, targeting, or yield maximization controls that are commonplace in other channels like display, search, and social media. Button has taken the first step in the path to transforming this profitable channel into one that rivals the sophistication of the most advanced digital marketing channels. 


Leading services like Uber Eats and Groupon are the first adopters of Actionable Intelligence of the Button Evolution™ product suite, and are now able to identify the optimum offer to maximize on one of two vectors—profitability and volume. Actionable Intelligence has proven to deliver the following results for Uber Eats:

  • 45% increase in GMS within the bound of the ROAS target 
  • 100% increase in installs 

"With marketers facing more pressure to deliver profit through the current economic uncertainty, conversion-focused marketing has become the focus of CMOs everywhere. After years of durable profit generation from affiliate marketing, marketers want more from this channel, and we're here to deliver it. Button now empowers marketers to get more out of this channel by aligning the interests of the advertisers and the publishers and most importantly their users, and the success we're seeing is going to change this industry. This evolution starts today—we're excited to have some of the smartest, most forward-thinking marketers validate the power of this technology in partnership with us," said Michael Jaconi, Co-Founder and CEO of Button.


"As one of Button's founding customers, Uber is excited to continue innovating together to drive sustainable growth for Uber Eats, our company's fastest-growing line of business. One of those ways is investing in building a fully automated future with Button by using Actionable Intelligence, part of the Button Evolution™ product suite, to target and test dozens of high-value audience segments with personalized offers, "said Angela Lyda, Director of Performance Marketing at Uber.


"With the launch of Button Evolution™, the world's most innovative services like Uber Eats and Groupon have already validated the alignment of interests between brands and publishers," Jaconi continued. "A rising tide lifts all boats—marketing spend is becoming more intelligent and more efficient, revenue is increasing for all parties, and Button is fulfilling its mission of building a better way. We couldn't be more excited for more companies to join us in this movement and to foster the change, or evolution, this industry is craving for."

For more information, check out our case study with Uber Eats today.