Developer Week is— you guessed it— a week long event, bringing developers across the nation from the world's leading tech companies to the Bay Area to talk about engineering, APIs, SDKs, and the ever-changing technology ecosystem.

Block Party at Developer Week

Button attended the hackathon that took place over the weekend of February 11th to 12th to assist participants integrate Button into their iOS, Android, and mobile web applications. The team that won best use of Button in their hack was team Internet of Gardens. Their hack was a combination of augmented reality (AR), hardware, chatbots, and an iOS application that allowed gardeners to easily monitor the state of their garden through the internet. The hack was built using a wifi enabled Arduino that plugs directly into the soil of the plant to monitor its moisture over time. This data gets transmitted to the app's server, which displays the information on a dashboard viewable from an iOS application; within the app is a Button that allows gardeners to easily purchase fertilizer and other gardening needs. Users can also chat with the plant through a chatbot, asking if it has enough water and it replying back. If this wasn't enough, the team created an AR component - when you look at the garden through an iPhone camera, the dashboard appears over the plant!

Tyler Nappy's (me) workshop

The conference during the week was held at Pier 27, where I held a workshop on how to rapidly integrate Button into an iOS application. During the workshop, we created an iOS app from scratch with an Uber Button in it in just under 20 minutes! All that it took was creating a Button on the our dashboard, adding Button's SDK, dropping a Button into the view, and then adding a few lines of code.

After Developer Week, Button made its way a bit south to Stanford University for their official hackathon, TreeHacks. To read more about the event, check out this blog post.