This past weekend, students formed teams, built apps and hardware, from concept to a fully functional prototype, at Stanford University's official hackathon, TreeHacks. Along with other sponsors - Google, Facebook, and IBM - Button attended the event to mentor students and assist hackers integrate our technology into their projects during the 36 hour event.

Tyler Nappy (me) and attendee

There were some incredible projects made at this event! Out of the ones that used Button there were two that particularly stood out— TrainTrax and PetPlay.


TrainTrax not only won our best use of Button prize but also made it to the top 8 and won one of three overall prizes, for best UI/UX. Built using Node.js for the server and Swift for the mobile app, TrainTrax allows multiple users using different mobile devices add songs to the same playlist without passing around the streaming device or hassling with aux cords. All that is needed is a single Spotify or Apple music account from the host, who can invite others via text message to their party to add songs to the playlist. What makes the app even cooler is that an iTunes Button appears on all devices in the party for the song that is currently playing so party goers can purchase it or other songs by that artist on iTunes.

Winning team TrainTrax and Tyler Nappy (me)


PetPlay is a Tinder-like app that helps reduce overcrowding and promote adoptions at animal shelters. Each pet has a profile with their information and location. When a user views pet profiles, they simply swipe right for ones they are interested in visiting or adopting. Upon doing this, an Uber Button appears on the page to take the user to the pet's location in addition to other pertinent information about the pet and animal shelter.

Before heading over to TreeHacks, I attended Developer Week in SF. To read more about this event, check out this blog post.