BTIG, in their most recent report "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised: Understanding How Technology, Data and Millennials are Transforming Digital Commerce," named Button as one of the top software vendors in digital commerce to watch.

The report highlights how commerce is central to our everyday lives and examines the evolution of buyers into "everywhere consumers" thanks to mobile and the internet.

After exploring commerce trends and themes, BTIG names 10 software companies that are making a significant impact in the industry. Noted for our ability to "drive higher conversions for digital sellers and marketers, while also providing valuable data around attribution," BTIG recognized Button as one of these top vendors to watch. Other notable mentions in this category include Eventbrite and Foursquare, one of Button's partners.

Button exists not only to increase conversion rates and offer valuable data, but also to facilitate mobile commerce and, as a result, provide great end-user experiences.

With growing mobile commerce opportunities for retailers, we're eager continue to deliver the best product, bringing the consumer to purchase at the very moment of intent.