This past weekend, Chris Maddern (CPO and co-founder), Stephen Milbank (CFO and co-founder), Patrick Lewis (Head of Design), and myself decided to participate in Techcrunch Disrupt's NYC hackathon, a 24 hour coding marathon competition that brings out the most talented hackers in NYC (if you think you've heard about this event and just not sure where, it's the event Pied Piper, from 'Silicon Valley', is in at the end of season 1). For hackathons, we typically sponsor the event, where we help attendees integrate Button technology. But we decided to take a different approach this time by participating and creating an app from scratch. Enter our hack: Buttons for Good.

Buttons for Good is a mobile website that allows users to make purchases through Uber,, Spring,, Jet, and Resy using Button's technology, and any commissions earned by Button will be donated to Planned Parenthood. The site is live, so you can check it out and use it at You can even see in real-time how much total has been contributed and how much of that you have personally contributed!

Buttons for Good

We plan to continue working on Buttons for Good. Our next release will allow users to select which causes they want to support. So be on the lookout for updates!

If you'd like to read more about Buttons for Good and see our demo pitch, check out TechCrunch's write-up of us!