Buttons connect people to their next intended action based on the context of their experiences. We know, however, that people's experiences on mobile are not just in apps, but also across mobile websites. Today, we're announcing that Buttons now work on the mobile web as well.

We've already had a few partners integrate Buttons for their mobile websites. Goldstar, a discount ticketing app with the hottest tickets in town, used Button to offer the ability to request an Uber after purchasing a ticket to an event, making it easier for their users to get there.

GoEuro, the leading way to book travel in Europe, similarly added an Uber Button to their website, making it easier for travelers to request an Uber following a ticket purchase.

It's easy to get started— add a small JavaScript snippet to your HTML, and you're done. Better yet, the snippet loads asynchronously and will not affect the loading time of your site, ensuring the best user experience.

Head over to our mobile web integration guide and check out some of our sample code to get started adding Buttons to your mobile website, now.