We all know the cooking videos that mesmerize us online: the simplified, delicious recipes that go from prep to pristinely-finished in mere minutes. Enter Buzzfeed's Tasty, the world's largest social food network. And today, Tasty has announced a new, exclusive partnership with Jet.com and Walmart.com, powered by Button, making it even easier to turn recipe inspiration into reality.

With the increased blending of content and commerce, this partnership represents a natural combination of the two on mobile in a way that is exciting for customers, serving yet another way Tasty, Walmart and Jet are evolving the shopping experience to meet customers where they are— no matter when or how they want to shop. With Button's technology and expertise in app-to-app partnerships, Tasty is able to drive users directly into the respective Walmart.com and Jet.com apps to complete their transaction, known to be the highest-converting channel within today's digital retail industry (apps performing 4x better than mobile web).

"Consumers today are shopping very differently. Content and commerce are coming together in more seamless and impactful ways."— Sumaiya Balbale, Vice President of Ecommerce, Mobile, and Digital Marketing at Walmart
Tasty/Jet app-to-app experience

Curious How it Works?

When you open the Tasty app to view any of the 2,000+ recipe videos, the ingredient list will include buttons to the kitchen tools, bakeware, and appliances you'd need to create a dish— a slow cooker, mixing bowls, non-stick pans, you name it. If the user sees a product they need, they'll click the button directly from the recipe and be deeplinked into the respective retailer's app. Once added to their cart in the retailer's app, checkout from there is a breeze.

Excitingly, starting next year the partnership will integrate fresh grocery items and offer services like Walmart's Online Grocery Pickup. Tasty users will be able to purchase ingredients and kitchen products necessary to bring recipes to life in their own homes— all with the simple touch of a button.

How Button Plays a Part

Tasty's extensive following, having attracted more than 65 billion video views and over 90 million followers on Facebook, combined with the retail power of Walmart (featuring more than 70 million products online) and Jet (known for its focus on the urban demographic and premium brands) creates a powerful combination— one of which Button is excited to be apart of.

When you break it down, partnerships between brands (aka affiliate relationships) aren't new, especially within the media space. In fact, affiliate is set to become a $6.8 billion industry by 2020. However, this industry was created for the desktop era of the late 90's, not today's booming mobile shopping habits. Mobile has presented an array of unique challenges when it comes to the necessary tracking capabilities that traditional affiliate companies weren't ready for: lack of pixels (aka cookies) on mobile, the rise of ad blockers disabling tracking services, breakdown in tracking through the App Store, among others.

Enter Button. Our technology was created to fix these challenges and pain points, making it possible for retailers to drive users in-app from Publisher experiences while providing all the necessary tracking capabilities— exactly like Tasty has done with Walmart and Jet. And most importantly, the consumer experience is seamless!

Now, Tasty users can focus on the recipe at hand while Walmart and Jet stock their kitchen with all the necessities— all powered by Button and just in time for the holidays. If you're interested in learning more about how you can power or optimize partnerships on mobile, check out the Button site or shoot us a note and let us know how we can help!