We're excited to announce the addition of Cleo, the premier AI-powered savings chatbot, as our latest partner.

Powered by Button's technology, users can now use Cleo to seamlessly shop and earn rewards from the world's biggest brands. With this partnership, Button is helping unlock Cleo's growth in the U.S. by driving further value for Cleo's users.

Here's how Button Co-Founder and CEO Michael Jaconi explains it:

"As advertising-only models are under pressure, the most innovative companies are recognizing how commerce can transform their business models. Button's platform is making that possible.

We're seeing disruptive financial services companies, who are looking to add value for their customers, turn to Button to drive both engagement and revenue. As we continue to tap into the explosive potential of fintech and the unbridled growth in mobile commerce, we are excited to welcome Cleo as a partner."

And here's Cleo founder and CEO Barney Hussey-Yeo:

"Cleo makes it easy for you to have a great relationship with your money, and cash back is a natural part of that. If you have to spend, then we can definitely save you some money, We're partnering with Button to make the experience seamless, and to offer users a wide range of brands so that wherever they shop regularly, we can get them cash back on their purchases with no stress."

With Button's technology integrated into the Cleo app, Cleo users can access the Cleo+ Daily Savings Feature to shop and earn cash back from Button Brands.

Button's advanced personalization capabilities, combined with Cleo's deep understanding of its users' spending patterns, will power personalized dynamic cash back rates in the Cleo app to enhance performance. It will also give brands confidence that their spend is appropriately structured.

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