Over the past few weeks, we made it easier to understand the performance metrics you care about with real-time data and better filters. This week, we've kept up the momentum by releasing more fine-tuned customization for your Buttons. On top of choosing which partner Buttons to display, you can now select the most relevant type of content to display for those Buttons. We call these options "Context Modes," or simply Modes.

Here's an example: If you select the OpenTable Button and select the Nearby User mode, the Button will display a list of restaurants near the user's location. Alternatively, you can use Nearby Destination to show restaurants where your user is going or Venue mode to display a particular restaurant. Using these options, you can optimize your Button to provide the most relevant experience for your site or app.

We've also added a fresh coat of paint to the Dashboard. Your integration status and week-to-week performance are now front-and-center, and a streamlined navigation makes it easier to get where you need to go.

Check out your Dashboard to start fine-tuning your Buttons today.