<p><img src="https://f.hubspotusercontent20.net/hubfs/6583774/Dynamic%20Offers%20Blog%20Header%20-%20real%20brands.gif" alt="Dynamic Offers Blog Header - real brands" width="2390" style="width: 2390px;"></p><p>Publishers want to drive revenue. That is the result, of course, of creating meaningful value and increasing conversion for their users. But ultimately, they want to grow yield for themselves as well. While affiliate is one of the most profitable marketing channels a<span style="color: #000000;">ccording to the </span><span>Performance Marketing Association, </span>there is a striking gap in the industry: personalization. Yet, personalization is the only clear path to delivering the kind of step function increases in returns that publishers in the space strive for. At Button, we’re pioneering that movement.&nbsp;</p><!--more--><p>A few months ago Button announced <a href="https://blog.usebutton.com/announcing-button-evolution"><span>Button Evolution™</span></a>, the industry’s first suite of personalization and intelligence products, that gives publishers the ability to unlock more revenue generated from brands and improve user engagement, and gives brands the ability to <a href="https://blog.usebutton.com/uber-eats-case-study-actionable-intelligence-of-button-evolution-product-suite"><span>spend intelligently</span></a>. We also launched forward-thinking publishers like <a href="https://blog.usebutton.com/drop-doubles-down-on-personalized-content-in-partnership-with-button"><span>Drop</span></a> with Button Personalization. For publishers who have adopted our products, we’ve proven that we can deliver substantial revenue impact for them. Here are some examples of the value that we are seeing our publishers unlock from the Evolution and Personalization suite of products.</p><h6><strong><br>Exclusive content and a better user experience</strong></h6><p>Every company building a commerce strategy is seeking new and differentiated content; no publisher wants to use links and offers that any business can access from a network or aggregator. Button <a href="/drop-doubles-down-on-personalized-content-in-partnership-with-button" rel="noopener">enables publishers to gain exclusive content</a> based on their users or brands targeting their own audiences.</p><p>Our <a href="/what-it-takes-to-build-audiences-for-the-affiliate-industry" rel="noopener">Audiences</a> product allow brands to target specific audiences through tailored discounts, aligned messaging, and organized campaigns around their desired outcomes - not so different from how brands would target audiences through other marketing channels.&nbsp;</p><blockquote><p>Publishers are able to introduce new content from brands that only invest in opportunities where personalization capabilities exist, as well as from established brands that can now offer publishers exclusive offers because of the Personalization API.</p></blockquote><p>This kind of personalization inherently increases the value of affiliate marketing overall, and improves the experience for users.&nbsp;</p><p><img src="https://f.hubspotusercontent20.net/hubfs/6583774/Personalization%20Header.png" alt="Personalization Header" width="1738" style="width: 1738px;"></p><h6><strong><br>Scaled personalization</strong></h6><p>By showing the right offers to users most likely to convert, publishers are able to provide personalized, and improved experiences for their customers. Button’s Dynamic Offers product does that at scale—surfacing a personalized offer for every user browsing through a publisher’s app. Not every user is the same, and some users will never convert no matter how good an offer may be if they aren’t interested in it.&nbsp;</p><blockquote><p>Leading publishers are seeing an increase to their revenue upwards of 30% and an increase of over 20% for first time purchasers through Dynamic Offers. It also has a significant impact on other top-of-the-funnel goals—<a href="/personalization-how-zap-surveys-achieved-a-46-increase-in-tap-through-rate-with-button" rel="noopener">increasing tap-through rate</a>, conversion rate, orders per user, and average order value.</p></blockquote><h6><strong><br><br>Increased revenue</strong></h6><p>In a world of hyper-precise targeting on platforms like Google and Facebook, personalization is no longer discretionary. For affiliate, Button has created the most effective and configurable solution to drive revenue impact for publishers sustainably - we’re making revenue personalized.</p><p>Our <a href="/uber-eats-case-study-actionable-intelligence-of-button-evolution-product-suite" rel="noopener">Actionable Intelligence</a> product allows brands to dynamically run multiple offers across publishers to identify the optimal rate to maximize their goals: profitability, scale, engagement.&nbsp;</p><p>Publishers capture the incremental spend on top of a brand’s existing offer, a significant revenue stream in and of itself. But also, Actionable Intelligence has shown the world’s leading brands that they can achieve higher results by intelligently targeting higher offers, creating opportunities for exclusive brand content for our publishers.</p><blockquote><p>Actionable Intelligence campaigns have shown that publishers can unlock up to twice the amount of revenue they generate from brands. In some cases, we’ve seen brands raise their offer up to triple the previous one.&nbsp;</p></blockquote><p><br><span style="font-style: italic;">Interested in learning more? </span><a href="http://usebutton.com/contact" rel="noopener" style="font-style: italic;">Reach out to us today</a><span style="font-style: italic;">.</span></p>