When I brought the group together to start Button six years ago, we held one belief amongst us with unanimous, unwavering conviction. Through today, that conviction remains unchanged—that there is a better way to do business on the internet.  

The ads-laden internet economy that dominated platforms and propped up industries needed to be rethought. Vying for eyeballs or clicks alone was a monetization strategy with an expiration date. 

Before the pandemic, I debated with some of the smartest people I know about how quickly the change Button was seeking would take hold. Many stated that it'd take years before things would change to Button's view of the world—a view that value should not be monopolized by any platform of unmatchable scale, but instead be created for all parties involved in a transaction. 

With the pandemic impacting marketing budgets across every business around the world, the time for change is now. We're joining forces with a collection of market leaders to announce Button Evolution™—our new suite of tools enabling advertisers and brands to maximize their returns from the affiliate channel. Companies like Uber, Sam's Club, Under Armour, Nike, Groupon, and more are all early adopters, and the results are incredible. 

The technology powering the affiliate channel was unfortunately built in a different era without the modern marketer in mind. It relies on three parties integrating—a publisher, a network, and an advertiser (and sometimes even more). Because this integration of the three parties began decades ago, personalization, targeting, holdout groups, and incrementality aren't capabilities that are a part of the underlying infrastructure of affiliate marketing. 


Button Evolution™ is designed to fulfill the promise of evolving the affiliate industry through offering the following features that no other company can offer today:

  • Offer pricing elasticity testing—via our Actionable Intelligence solution announced today
  • Direct integrations with an advertiser CRM and/or DMP 
  • Cross network/cross publisher personalization and targeting 
  • Real-time campaign controls 
  • Incrementality testing and holdout groups
  • Yield optimization 
  • Performance validation and proof points
  • A privacy-first, centralized data policy instead of multiple data ingestion touchpoints

If you're a CMO, or if you feel that you could be spending more money in your channel and need help justifying growth in your budget, or if you need more proof to back up the performance you believe in, Button can help support you.  

If you're a publisher looking to drive more revenue and establish deeper, stronger, more durable partnerships with your biggest advertisers and brands, come ask to see the data and dollars behind this opportunity.  

If you're a network and we're not already working on this together—let's go!

Over the coming weeks, Button will be announcing more publishers, advertisers, and networks that have joined us in our mission to change the way we're doing business. This rising tide will support the entire industry in creating more revenue, more opportunity, and most importantly, more value.  

Check out our case study with Uber Eats to learn how the brand maximized scale while still exceeding their profitability target.