Learn how Uber revved up their affiliate program by leveraging Button's PostTap App solution to increase revenue, engage existing users, and boost new user acquisition.

Finding the Right Technology Partner

Uber, the world's largest mobility and delivery platform, recently launched Button's PostTap App solution to supercharge their affiliate program. Built on patented machine learning algorithms, Button's PostTap App technology optimally routes users on the most performant journey to increase conversion outcomes. By implementing PostTap App's app-linking and app attribution solutions, Button was able to deliver the outcomes Uber's marketing team needed most in today's privacy-first and iOS 14+ compliant world. Utilizing PostTap App, brands drive more orders, higher conversion rates, increased number of app users, and improved LTV — with the ultimate result of more efficiently driving revenue. 

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Uber's Objectives:

  • Solve for missed app attribution on iOS
  • Offer no-IDFA, privacy-first solution 
  • Optimize user experience by routing users to app 

Uber's Challenges:

Prior to launching with PostTap App, Uber faced challenges all marketers are currently navigating in a post iOS 14 world — missed orders, tracking issues, and suboptimal user experiences. As a mobile-first company, Uber understood that taking consumers into the Uber Eats, Postmates and Uber apps would not only result in the best experience for consumers but also the highest likelihood for conversion. The question was: How could Uber drive users into app and attribute app orders to the affiliate channel? 

How Uber Found Success with Button's PostTap App

To accomplish their objectives, Uber launched PostTap App to optimize their affiliate traffic by reliably driving users into app across both iOS and Android. Uber's deep integration with Button allowed PostTap to automatically route users into the Uber app for users who already have the app installed, and prompt a dynamic landing page with the option to download the app for those who do not already have the Uber app installed. 

Uber + Button Results:


By implementing PostTap App, Uber saw an immediate 2x increase in revenue for their affiliate program, spurred largely by an increase in new user activations powered by Button. 

Reach out to Button today to learn more about how PostTap App could drive increased revenue and LTV for your team!