Last week, Button Founder and CEO Mike Jaconi took the stage at PerformanceIn Live with one of our partners— Director of Global Partnerships, Sam Richards. As one of the biggest events in the performance marketing space, Mike and Sam were joined by hundreds of leaders from companies including L'Or√©al, Uber, Google, IBM, Etsy, Expedia, and many (many!) others.

As mobile continues to take over as the form-factor of choice for consumers— $102 billion being spent on mobile this year in the U.S. alone (eMarketer)— it will continue to be a strategic imperative for brands. Yet when it comes to acquiring new users and driving new transactions, Facebook and Google still reign supreme, making up nearly all of digital ad revenue in 2016. One channel that has proven to be successful in desktop, making up roughly 20% of all commerce: affiliate/partnerships; however, this channel's success has not been reflective in mobile. Until now...

Why hasn't affiliate proven to be successful on mobile? How has worked with Button to create mobile partnerships that perform?

These questions, among many more, were answered during the session at PerformanceIn— be sure to check out the duo's presentation below. One fun fact you'll find within: has seen 30% higher spending in-app compared to mobile web over the past month.

And if you're interested in more on mobile marketing, Mike Jaconi chatted with the PerformanceIn team ahead of the event around what's next in the space.


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