Launched in 2009, Shopkick got its start by partnering with brick-and-mortar retailers to reward users for taking actions like scanning items and submitting receipts. Over time, as commerce went mobile, so did Shopkick's business model. Today, Shopkick doesn't just reward users for in-store actions, but also for shopping online at partner retailers such as Walmart and eBay.

As surveys have shown time and time again, attribution is one of the biggest pain points marketers face today. Why? Because in an increasingly fragmented ecosystem, marketers need to have clear, detailed insight into which platforms and partners are actually helping them convert and make sales. While attribution is a big challenge overall, it's an even bigger one on mobile, where today's attribution technology is frequently unable to track the consumer journey from mobile apps to mobile web (or vice versa).

Bad attribution is a problem for all parties
  • Publishers can't prove to brands why they're a powerful partner - which means lost revenue. Moreover, if publishers can't track users through their shopping experiences, they don't know what parts of the user experience they can improve to streamline checkout and improve conversion rates.
  • Brand marketers don't know which publishers are their strongest performing partners, making it difficult to manage their marketing budgets and increase channel investments year over year.
  • Users aren't properly rewarded for the purchases they make, resulting in a bad experience that can drive users toward a competitor's app.

Button's solution

To solve these big attribution challenges, Shopkick turned to Tap by Button, a suite of tools designed to increase conversions and optimize the shopping experience through one turnkey commerce integration. 

Screen Shot 2020-07-31 at 11.44.06 AM

How it works:

  • A user clicks a brand offer in Shopkick's app.
  • Rather than getting pushed out to a brand's mobile web page via their browser (such as Safari or Chrome), users get a seamless experience transitioning to the brand's mobile web page loaded within the Shopkick app.  This means that traditional issues that incur once a user migrates from app to web (such as cookie disruption and attribution loss) are no longer a factor. 
  • Users complete the checkout experience in a few taps and collect their kicks, Shopkick's reward currency.

The results
Screen Shot 2020-07-30 at 1.11.31 PM

Shopkick's results were impressive. Through Tap by Button, Shopkick saw 62% more revenue per mobile user, and a 46% increase in purchase rate. These results speak to the major role good user experiences have on closing the gap between browsing and buying. Making it easier for users to transact means more revenue for publishers and the brands they partner with.

"At Shopkick, we're focused on our users. When they shop with our partners, they're trusting us to ensure that they get the kicks they deserve. Button's technology ensures that we don't let them down," said Sheila Meftah, General Manager, Online Commerce, Shopkick


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