A few months ago, we updated the Button Dashboard, allowing you to quickly get started setting up your Buttons. Today, we are introducing updates that give you clearer views and reporting, so you can better understand and optimize your Button's performance.

See your performance in real-time

We've introduced real-time data into your Dashboard, meaning you see your performance update as soon as users interact with your Buttons. Now your Button's views, taps, deep links, app store views, installs, and orders will show up in your Dashboard within seconds of the event being reported to us.

Break out performance by platform, button type, and partner

Along with fresher data, we've revamped our filtering capability. It's now a breeze to scope the entire Performance page to a specific partner or operating system. Comparing metrics across mobile web and native is easier than ever. You have the flexibility to filter your metrics and corresponding charts by date, account, platform (iOS, Android), Button type (native or web), and partner.

Easily share views through customized links

We've also made it easy to share views of data with your teammates— simply pass along the URL after you have your preferred filters set, and they will be able to access the same view with the right filters selected.

Head over to your Dashboard to see these updates, now. Our goal is to empower you to view the performance data you need so you can understand and optimize your Buttons. We will continue to focus on ways we can make your data even more accessible going forward.