Utilizing Button's PostTap SMS solution to test new channels for SMS collection, Rawlings identified a new performant source for SMS signups.



Rawlings Sporting Goods, the iconic American sports equipment company based in St. Louis, Missouri, sought to grow its SMS subscriber base and increase revenue through alternative channels of subscriber collection. After historically collecting customer phone numbers on-site and through their sign-up flow, Rawlings teamed up with Button to leverage PostTap SMS and bolster their SMS subscriber list.

PostTap SMS has driven incredible results for us, and we're excited to continue experimenting, optimizing, and identifying new ways to grow our subscriber list and drive more sales. Button's platform has made it easy for us to set up a variety of new tests, such as the SMS opt-in campaign through our email program. Being able to engage with our customers at the right time and through the right channels is important, and this campaign will enable us to interact with our most valuable customers in an omnichannel approach!
— Mike Poepping, Director of Digital Marketing at Rawlings



Rawlings' Objectives:
  • Create a new, seamless SMS collection flow via Rawling's email program
  • Target loyal Rawlings email customers and incentivize them to opt-in to SMS
  • Establish and nurture one-to-one connections with Rawlings customers

Rawlings' Challenges:

In a mobile-first world, SMS has become a critical means of communication for consumers. Strict standards for upholding consumer privacy, security, and compliance meant Rawlings was limited in the channels it could explore for collection. Using PostTap SMS as a no-IDFA solution, Button was able to deliver the outcomes Rawlings' marketing team needed most in today's privacy-first and iOS 14+ compliant world.


How Rawlings hit a home run with Button's PostTap SMS

By building a seamless path for email customers to opt into text message communications, Button's PostTap SMS product has empowered Rawlings to build deeper, more personal and privacy-first connections with their customers. Additionally, by targeting opted-in email customers, Rawlings saw a 14.3x increase in SMS collection rate over traditional on-site collection channels.

This strategy allowed Rawlings to convert their email customers into dual opt-in subscribers for both the email and SMS channels. By incentivizing a sign-up with a coupon, Rawlings was able to generate a whopping $21.83 in revenue per message sent through the email x SMS opt-in campaign.

Rawlings + Button Scoreboard:
  • 45.7% Collection Rate
  • 14.3x increase in Collection Rate over Traditional Collection Channels
  • $21.83 in Rev/Message Sent


Optimize your channels with Button:

Email is just one of the channels that Button's partners are able to take advantage of for SMS Collection. Button's PostTap SMS solution enables brands to collect subscribers from:

  • Any paid media channel (affiliate, social, display, email, search, and more!)
  • In-app
  • QR codes (In-Store, at Events, or Digital)


Connect with Button to start collecting SMS subscribers through diversified sources and build personalized campaign strategies with PostTap SMS today!