Given that marketing budgets are under additional scrutiny in response to the current retail climate, it has never been more important for brands to invest in strategies that will provide measurable efficiency and higher Lifetime Value (LTV). In order to capture the maximum return on your marketing team's campaigns ahead of Back to School — and other seasonal tentpoles such as Summer Spend and Black Friday — it's important to examine how locking in flat fee, multichannel programs will empower your brand to take advantage of incrementality while maximizing Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).


With demand for brand exposure higher than ever, Button's suite of Tap products allow marketing teams to leverage flat fee dollars to boost performance and drive sales during key time periods. Currently, Button is working with the world's biggest brands to achieve these outcomes. With access to key Loyalty and Fintech publishers, Button's industry-leading deep linking and machine learning technology allow brands to tap into marketing optimizations, resulting in more sales, increased average spend, and higher lifetime value.

During Back to School season when customers are crunched for time, mobile retail marketing plays an especially strong role. The majority of brands invest heavily during this time to promote seasonal items on their mobiles sites and/or App. Brands who want to increase engagement and maximize on top-line revenue also invest in flat fee dollar spend.

In 2021 alone, Back to School campaigns within Button's marketplace...

  • Increased Average Order Value (AOV) by 56.6%
  • Boosted engagement by 52%
  • Generated a blended Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) well above 15:1

Brands participating in seasonal events allocate flat fee dollars across a variety of available placements, including premium banners, targeted push notifications, tiered commissioning, and Stock-keeping Unit (SKU) level targeting. Button unlocks custom proposals catered towards each brand's promotional event date(s) and seasonal items, all while keeping KPIs top of mind. This custom approach to each proposal ensures increased revenue, not to mention key performance metrics, that would otherwise be difficult to measure.

Utilizing Button's technology, brands looking to convert Back to School shoppers on mobile web or App run dedicated landing pages on one, a few, or all publishers they are partnered with. In 2021, one specific brand participated in a summer savings event with Button where all marketing placements that ran were inclusive of a custom landing page. The dedicated landing page included a product catalog, season-inspired videos, and a checklist of must-have items which resulted in a 2x higher conversion rate.

Fast forward to 2022: Marketers continue to invest in flat fee dollars across mobile sites, especially during back-to-school and summer saving events — strategies that will continue to serve them well gearing up for the holiday season. However, in order to remain competitive, brands must also invest in a multichannel approach. Button offers opportunities for marketers to gain share of wallet voice across competitor brands, including audience targeting, Card Linked Offers (CLO), and a variety of SMS solutions.

While mobile sites are proven to be the channel of recurring spend, expanding into App will push the scale forward in favor of those brands who are prepared to take advantage of incrementality. By executing your marketing campaigns in the back half of the year with both mobile goals and App strategies in place, you can glean additional insights and capture revenue from key traffic sources that are also driving acquisition, installs, and higher value purchases to increase LTV that might otherwise go unmeasured. What's more, well-positioned brands expanding into App will maximize ROAS to support end-of-year marketing goals and offer the most impact to your organization's bottom line.


Check out Button's additional Back to School campaign insights and connect with our team of experts to develop personalized multichannel customer engagement strategies that can support your campaign objectives today.