If you've never been to an AngelHack hackathon, it's unique compared to other hackathons in that they focus on hackers creating an MVP (minimal viable product), which is what separates their hackathons from other similar events. The winner from each city (they hold a hackathon in just about every major city in the world) goes on to participate in the HACKceleratorprogram, a twelve week, virtual, pre-accelerator incubator that aims for teams to polish their MVP and pitch to VCs in hopes of obtaining funding or applying and getting accepted to accelerator programs, such as Techstars or Y Combinator.

To assist developers easily monetize their apps using Button's technology, we recently attended AngelHack's flagship event of their AH10 global hackathon series— Silicon Valley.

LunchBox's iOS app

LunchBox— best use of Button's SDK

LunchBox created an iOS app and Alexa skill that helps indecisive, hungry folks get food they will like, providing users restaurant recommendations by predicting what they want for a meal before they even know it by feeding in data from Yelp's API and using machine learning. Once a cuisine and restaurant is selected, an Uber Button appears for the user to travel to the restaurant. Or, they can get it delivered through a Delivery.com Button.

Sentry— runner up for best use of Button's SDK

This mobile app aims to get users in war torn countries out of danger and to safety. If a user sees a militant, he or she points their smartphone camera at the militant; using image recognition, Sentry can recognize that person is indeed a member of the military and not a civilian. The militant's location is then logged and crowdsourced to a map so other app users can see nearby militants and potential danger. An Uber Button then appears— for countries that have Uber— for the user to go in the opposite direction of militants.