Today, we announced our strategic partnership with Adjust, a global app marketing platform, to enable brands to be able to clearly view app traffic optimized by Button in their Adjust dashboards. Our integration with Adjust brings affiliate into the marketing fold—mutual customers of Button and Adjust can now gain a holistic understanding of the efficiency and performance of the app affiliate channel alongside all other channels of traffic. 

According to Adjust data, e-commerce app installs have been on a steady recovery to pre-pandemic health, as re-engagement and retargeting to bring users customers back into the funnel is top of mind for marketers. With an added emphasis on conversion-based marketing and smarter spending, marketers are looking for the performance that CPA models like an app install strategy offers, as well as the ability to optimize spend through a thorough understanding of attribution data and analytics.

The integration between Button and Adjust gives brands like Joom, the global mobile marketplace, the visibility into all of their attribution data in one tool, including Button mobile performance data like clicks, installs, and LTV. Adjust unifies Joom's performance data gathered across platforms, campaigns and apps, enabling its marketers to drill down deep into their campaign performance and maximize their ROI across multiple channels. This integration allows Joom to be better equipped to analyze and optimize its mobile conversions as its eyes are set on expansion in the United States.

"Our mission is to let users shop for anything at the best prices possible," said Andrey Zagoruiko, Region Owner, USA, at Joom. "We could not be more excited to leverage this partnership between Button and Adjust—this will boost Joom's user acquisition in the US to help more shoppers be able to purchase exactly what they need in the comfort of their homes."


"Adjust and Button share a common vision for empowering data-driven marketers to succeed," said Andrey Kazakov, VP Partnerships at Adjust. "With the combined power of our best-in-class measurement and automation solutions, we are removing a lot of the manual work for marketers and freeing them to work smarter and maximize the impact of their mobile affiliate strategies."


"Now more than ever, brands have to make smarter investments with their marketing dollars. Button's partnership with Adjust is offering marketers the confidence that they need to understand how affiliate, frequently cited as their most profitable channel, is performing in mobile," said Michael Jaconi, Co-Founder and CEO of Button. "We couldn't be more proud to team up with Adjust, the global SaaS business that we've long admired. Together, Button and Adjust are mobile's definitive growth engine helping marketers better understand the value that the affiliate channel is driving towards their business goals."

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