NEW YORK, NY - Button, the mobile experience platform that helps marketers drive profitable growth through AI and mobile optimized shopping experiences, is thrilled to announce that it has surpassed $8 billion in commerce driven from its platform. This milestone was achieved in record time as Button continues to add a growing number of new leading brands to an already impressive set of customers that include industry leading global companies in retail, travel, ride sharing, and food delivery. All of these companies have something in common - they are investing in mobile and in profitable growth - and for both, they are turning to Button.

"This is a major milestone for our company, and we couldn't have achieved it without the support of our partners and the hard work of our team," said Michael Jaconi, Co-Founder and CEO of Button. "As we continue on our mission to redefine the economic infrastructure of the internet powered by ads to an internet fueled by commerce and outcomes that matter, Button is better positioned than ever now that "profitable growth" is the focus of marketers everywhere."

One of the key factors driving Button's growth is the continued focus on mobile commerce and the performance of apps over mobile web experiences. As Button's data shows, app conversion rates consistently average 300% higher than those of mobile web - delivering a higher ROI for marketers and better shopping experiences for their users. What's still evident is that deep linking and enabling these shopping journeys to be seamless is complicated - and marketers don't have a simple solution for optimizing their traffic to deliver more for them or to help them hit their goals. That's why more and more companies are turning to Button.

Button's platform is designed specifically to deliver more value with low to no code through unlocking the power of mobile applications. By partnering with Button, businesses can tune their traffic to tap into higher conversion rates, drive more sales, and boost installs and engagement with their apps that deliver superior experiences. All of this can be done in a privacy compliant and future-proofed way that enables contextually driven personalization through Button - rather than relying on cookies or behavioral data.

Button's mobile experience platform enabled customers to fix broken shopping journeys, maximize revenue, and tune their traffic to deliver the outcomes that enable them to beat their competition. Button's suite of solutions help businesses optimize their traffic from any channel - affiliate, email, SMS, display, and social - and enables personalized shopping journeys, dynamic routing of traffic based on historical conversion rates being seen, and optimized checkout experiences - while reducing broken links, lost visibility into sales driven, and low converting purchase flows. Button also integrates with every major MMP to enable seamless measurement in marketers' holistic systems of record.  

"At Button, we believe that mobile is the future of commerce, and we're proud to be at the forefront of this shift. As consumers continue to rely on their mobile devices for everything from shopping to socializing, businesses that invest in their mobile experiences will have a competitive advantage," said Jonathan Shottan, President and COO of Button. "As marketers navigate calls from their CEOs to 'do more with less' - Button is the platform they're turning to - and as a result Button is seeing its fastest growth in history." 

About Button

Button is a cookieless personalization and optimization mobile experience platform used by the world's most innovative companies. Button's platform is underpinned by two products: PostTap and Tap.

PostTap is an AI powered traffic optimization product that enables marketers to maximize the outcomes they drive from their traffic through better experiences and conversion, increased app installs & usage, and enhanced visibility into purchases driven. Tap is a traffic enablement product that supports developers building monetization of their traffic through commerce - leveraging affiliate and card linked offers.

Button has driven over $8 billion in mobile commerce to date, has been named a best place to work every year since the company's founding in 2014 and is backed by Greycroft, Redpoint, Norwest, Icon Ventures, and Capital One.