Redbubble, the world's largest marketplace for over 1 million independent artists with a focus on bringing more creativity into the world, leveraged Button's PostTap platform to bolster their affiliate program's mobile performance by enhancing their SMS channel, driving more mobile sales and higher engagement with customers. 

Redbubble's objective was to connect with customers in a personalized way while upholding best practices around privacy and user consent in a post iOS 14.5 world to further grow their affiliate program. Button's PostTap platform offered Redbubble the opportunity to directly engage with customers who explicitly opted in to receive messages and special offers. In addition to being a privacy-first solution, Button's PostTap SMS drove 37x ROAS per message sent on behalf of Redbubble, proving SMS to be an invaluable channel providing an above average return.

Redbubble also wanted to use SMS for their affiliate program as a way to spread awareness and knowledge about various categories and products available for consumers. With this, Button was tasked with converting customers beyond using a promotional code. With the ability to configure category and product targeting, Button has brought revolutionary new personalization capabilities to SMS—ultimately making the SMS channel a highly sophisticated way of reaching customers with their exact interests in mind. For example, during the release of the newest iPhone, we pushed out a broadcast message leading customers to shop the latest iPhone case designs available on Redbubble. This yielded Redbubble a 193% return, proving that personalization drives efficient results for marketers. 

"Button's PostTap SMS solution allowed us to seamlessly integrate SMS into our affiliate program, giving us a loyal customer base that we can connect with 1-1. With PostTap SMS we can keep our customers updated on new products, artists design collections and promotions which has increased conversion rates and enabled us to expand our affiliate mobile presence and performance. PostTap has helped us foster the community within Redbubble because of its personalization and engagement." 

With the power of PostTap SMS, Redbubble created a key new audience by driving re-engagement and lifetime value for their consumers. Redbubble also leveraged PostTap SMS to acquire customers and prospects who opted-in to receive welcome and re-engagement messages to educate consumers about new collections, discourage cart abandonment and share exclusive access to promotions and special offerings. The program generated new user acquisition and repeat purchases delivering a highly efficient return on a per-message-sent basis.