At Button, we have two fundamental beliefs about where the world is headed. One, commerce is the future of the internet. And, two, mobile is the future of commerce.

This is a story that is unfolding every day. You see it in PayPal's $4 billion acquisition of Honey, Facebook's sudden, pronounced interest in the affiliate business model, and in the double-digit growth of China's e-commerce market.

We want to help more brands and publishers follow and understand the forces and trends behind all of these stories. That's why we created Mobile Commerce Weekly. Each Tuesday, we'll send subscribers a curated collection of stories, insights, and data that will help them, week by week, get a little bit smarter about where mobile commerce is headed. 

Here are just three of the features you can expect each week:

  • Top Story - Each week we'll dig into one of the biggest recent commerce stories, explaining what happened, why it matters, and why you should care about it.
  • Looking East - When it comes to e-commerce, what happens with Asia will, before long, happen in the West. Each week we will take a look at one of Asia's big (or small) commerce trends and explain what it could mean for the rest of the world.
  • Links We Tapped - Each week we'll curate some of the most interesting and noteworthy reads from across the internet.