Ibotta, one of the fastest growing apps in the US dedicated to providing consumers cash back on everyday purchases, needed a way to expand its business to offer its millions of members rewards on mobile purchases. Ibotta strives to not only help brands drive new customer trials, but also to help them re-engage and build loyalty with existing ones. Ibotta has always offered cash back for in-store purchases and through linked loyalty cards. But what about purchases that started and occurred on mobile, instead? Ibotta wanted to bring the point of purchase much closer to the point of discovery— right on the mobile device, but didn't have a clear product solution. Given the massive amount of growth in mobile commerce— and Ibotta's foresight as to how it would greatly affect its business— they were looking for a way to offer similar value for transactions across mobile.

Button was here to help.

Button's platform unlocks dozens of mobile commerce partnerships with one simple implementation. Button's technology stack handles end-to-end tracking, including accurate app store attribution, a full loyalty & cash back publishing and reconciliation system, and zero-miss affiliation technology. Button was the obvious choice to enable Ibotta's mobile commerce program— as we held ourselves to the same instant feedback, high customer service standard that they do.

Driving Real Results

Since partnering with Button, Ibotta has directly driven over $17 million in purchases on mobile devices in the past 3 months, alone. This is a result of the immense value Ibotta has realized in partnering with mobile commerce leaders through Button, resulting in a 44% click-to-install rate, a 22% click-to-purchase rate, and a 27% repeat purchase rate for partners. This means that, not only has Ibotta realized more revenue, but that its partnership with Jet, Groupon, Hotels.com, and other ecommerce leaders is significantly impacting those companies' bottom lines on mobile, as well.


Mobile is a Customer Loyalty Challenge

Given mobile app commerce is growing at a rate of 70% year-over-year, Ibotta knew that adding cash back through mobile was crucial for its future success. But mobile presents an assortment of challenges. For example, landing users into the appropriate page of an app or routing them to the appropriate page in the app store; even when linked, ensuring customer loyalty is rewarded on the path to purchase. It's imperative that you deep link correctly, account for complex mobile measurement, and attribute the same user across apps. Without these pieces in place Ibotta and their merchants would have little clue as to who drove what purchase, and how to reward the user appropriately. As it stood, Ibotta worked with leading retailers like Walgreens and Walmart, but it couldn't find the right technology to support app-to-app commerce. Ibotta had attempted a similar program two years earlier using legacy affiliate technology but hadn't seen the results it had hoped for from its previous vendors.

That's when Ibotta learned about Button. After a few conversations and references from Button's merchants, Ibotta quickly realized that Button had built sophisticated technology to attribute and affiliate across mobile, and offered a simple integration path backed by a proven success record of powering app-to-app connections.

 "No affiliate network offers such real-time differences in rewards or commissions based on customer segmentation. Since launch, there have been over a million dollars weekly in in-app purchases, with a conversion rate of 21 percent."
 — Bryan Leach, Founder and CEO of Ibotta

Button: Making the App-To-App Marketplace a Reality

Button now connects Ibotta and its users to leading commerce companies like Jet, Groupon, Hotels.com, and more, all while providing a great end user experience and sophisticated attribution.

Now, when users open the Ibotta app they can see 28 different brands offering cash back on mobile purchases. And when they choose to engage, the experience is seamless.


After completing a purchase in one of the mobile apps, Ibotta users will receive the cash back offer directly in their Ibotta account.

Personalized Offers from Purchase History

Not only did a partnership with Button bring cash back to mobile, but the team worked to create Customer Segments to personalize offers based on merchants' relationships with customers and their past purchase history. Given the ability to attribute users and their purchase behavior through Button, Ibotta is able to show different offers for existing, lapsed, or new customers of its merchant partners. By segmenting users into these groups, merchants can now drive higher conversion and efficiency through Ibotta.

Together, Button and Ibotta started to segment deals for Groupon based on their customers' purchase history. Button even made it simple to re-segment customers dynamically as they complete purchases.

So now a new customer for Groupon will receive a greater deal— and Ibotta will receive a higher commission— when she downloads and purchases from Groupon's app versus an existing customer who will repeat purchase with a smaller incentive.


Personalized offers allows Ibotta to show ones that will resonate best and drive the most revenue for both partners involved.

Partnerships that Prove Powerful

Powering mobile commerce through Button's technology has proved fruitful for Ibotta and merchant partners; since launching mobile cash back with Button, Ibotta has driven tens of millions of dollars in mobile transactions for its merchant partners. In addition, Ibotta has seen results like:

  • Increased installs—44% of users who click on a Button continue to download the merchant's app
  • High purchase rates—22% of users click a Button and then complete a purchase
  • Customer loyalty— 27% of users who complete a purchase from a Button become repeat customers

Button has unlocked a new channel for Ibotta and is pioneering the way for mobile cash back. With robust measurement and analytics, attribution is never a worry— every purchase driven is accounted for. Ibotta continues to see record revenue each week as they continue to add merchant partners and build out the leading mobile app-to-app cash back platform with Button.

And you can too!

Place your brand in Ibotta or any of our other leading publishers by becoming a merchant partner, or become a publisher partner to similarly offer Buttons, deals or offers to your users, today.