"PostTap has created a major opportunity to utilize the affiliate channel to drive installs," said Rick Ton, Senior Director, Marketing, Sam's Club. "By working with Button and Rakuten Advertising through PostTap, affiliate marketing has become a major engine that fuels Sam's Club's key mobile initiatives, more than we ever thought it could before."

PostTap™, by Button, enables brands to capture high-value app users and improve the accuracy of affiliate tracking in their apps. Publishers who use PostTap benefit from app payouts without having to update a single link, and consumers experience a seamless mobile shopping journey.

Brands that are partnered with Button and Rakuten Advertising on PostTap benefit by driving installs, app sales, and repeat app purchases, while managing all their partnerships through Rakuten Advertising's partner dashboard.

Sam's Club's objectives

  • Capitalize on higher conversion rates from in-app shopping sessions
  • Generate installs to increase app usage
  • Enhance user experience by providing customers option to shop in app

Sam's Club has a sophisticated mobile app, allowing users to seamlessly purchase whatever goods they need, either from the comfort of their home or in their local Club. Given the superior experience, omnichannel opportunities, and higher conversion rates that occur when users shop via the app, Sam's Club saw the value in converting mobile web users into app shoppers. The question was, how could Sam's Club securely incorporate app routing, tracking, and reporting for thousands of affiliate partnerships through Rakuten Advertising?

How Sam's Club leveraged Button's PostTap

To accomplish this, Sam's Club launched PostTap utilizing both Rakuten Advertising's massive publisher footprint and Button's superior app technology. This combination afforded Sam's Club the ability to redirect all Rakuten mobile traffic to its app.    

Button integrated deeply with Rakuten Advertising's affiliate engine to accomplish this, automatically optimizing every Rakuten mobile link for app without any additional work from Sam's Club or publisher partners. Button resurfaces all app data into Rakuten Advertising's dashboard, providing a holistic view of affiliate performance in-app.


The PostTap partnership has exceeded expectations and transformed affiliate marketing into a major channel for installs and app sales.

  • 165% increase in total mobile revenue in affiliate
  • 81% increase in conversion rate

Learn more about PostTap here.