Mobile commerce and usage growth has been unstoppable in 2017, with no signs of slowing down. Consumer and business spending on mobile devices has increased rapidly across every vertical— from travel to digital goods to local on-demand to traditional retail. We see new evidence emerging daily of companies enabling mobile strategies that drive significant revenue across every channel.

At the same time, mobile presents unique challenges that require dedicated solutions to stand out: 85% of time spent on mobile is concentrated in apps, but only 5 apps capture 84% of that time. It can be increasingly difficult to acquire app users— especially ones that won't tap delete. Furthermore, despite the increase in mobile commerce downloads, sessions and engagement, conversion rates still lag— more than 3x lower than desktop even when intent is proven to be higher. Too many companies aren't implementing best mobile commerce practices— across app speed, browsability, inventory, and checkout.

The question becomes: what are the best mobile-enabled companies in the world doing to stand out and drive results? At Button, we've seen some of the best brands take on mobile with some of the most innovative strategies— and they will join us at TAP to share their stories, strategies, and results. Come meet and hear from leaders at Facebook, Google, Pinterest, Buzzfeed, Venmo, Shopify, Etsy, CNN, West Elm, Jet, Casper and many more!

We're thrilled that these market-leading brands, plus hundreds of mobile industry leaders, will be at TAP to share key learnings and discuss the best mobile strategies and tactics. Now that our agenda for TAP is officially live, check out exactly what topics these mobile experts will dive into on September 28th in NYC!

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We are so excited to see you on the 28th!