In 2017, global mobile commerce sales reached an all-time-high of $1.3 trillion. 51% of smartphone purchasers prefer to transact on mobile apps opposed to mobile web, and app purchasers are prone to spend 3x more. It's clear— driving app engagement has never been more critical for businesses.

In general, Publishers and Merchants alike are unable to capture their fair share of mobile with the likes of Facebook and Google dominating 89% of ad revenue growth and Amazon, where consumers spend more time than the remaining top 10 retailers combined. As the top-rated retail app, Groupon's rise among mobile users has been exponential in recent years. Despite over 50% of Groupon transactions occurring on a mobile device, they were seeing low performance numbers and weren't taking full advantage of the mobile opportunities.

Luckily, Groupon enabled a scalable partnerships solution on mobile to help unlock app commerce. You'll find out how in a webinar on April 27, where we'll dive into:

  • An overview of the importance of app users for engagement
  • How Groupon has extended partnership efforts to mobile
  • Putting the user first, capturing non-advertising revenue
  • Going beyond the install, how to drive in-app purchases
  • A recipe for success for partnerships on mobile

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