Since the early days of affiliate marketing, the goal for publishers continues to be driving engagement and sales to brands. To achieve this, marketers work with their publisher partners to boost performance through media placements and merchant funded offers as a way to capture the user's attention to purchase from their brand and be top of mind. That is why driving into app is so important for marketers — app users become higher value consumers because of brand affinity, saved credentials, and the ability to market to that user on a more engaged platform.


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Why driving engagement is a challenge for publishers

So how do publishers get users to discover their offers to begin with? This is the challenge that both publishers and marketers still face in their partnership. Launching a loyalty program is easy, especially with Button TAP, a turnkey solution for fintechs. However, driving engagement remains the hardest hurdle for publishers to overcome. There are traditional tactics, from paid search to social channels, email marketing, and so forth, but capturing a user when they are on their mobile device has consistently proven to be a high-engagement moment. In fact, mobile now accounts for nearly three-quarters of ecommerce sales per Statista. In addition, 62% of these shoppers prefer to transact in mobile apps vs other channels, Field Nation reports.

Given this data, publishers have turned to mobile marketing strategies like push notifications to drive a lot of awareness, but they are soon being turned off and ignored. According to a 2022 report by Swrve, only 4% of notifications receive engagement — meaning 96% are being ignored. What's more, if users consistently receive irrelevant notifications, 57% will unsubscribe and become unreachable. When a user agrees and proactively provides their phone number, they are looking for new and relevant content to be delivered to them without having to do the work.

How publishers can clear engagement hurdles with PostTap SMS

With PostTap's SMS for publishers, Button's newest solution within our PostTap business unit, publishers are enabled to launch a fully managed SMS marketing program with a specific focus on increasing revenue by driving engagement to offers.

Built with publisher-specific goals in mind, by launching SMS marketing strategies with PostTap SMS, you can expect to experience the following benefits:
  • Increase revenue: Unlock net new marketing inventory in the form of SMS and MMS messaging. PostTap SMS customers are seeing $3 in sales per message sent from SMS audiences.
  • Better efficiency: Generate higher ROI for SMS campaigns and increase budget efficiency vs other channels. Button partners achieve an average of 25x ROI on messaging programs.
  • More engagement: Generate significantly higher CTR and open rates with SMS messaging compared to push notifications and email marketing engagement results.
  • Higher LTV users: Develop a one-to-one relationship with your user base by providing personalized messages with timely content and offers they care most about. In aggregate, 7% of users enroll in Button SMS updates.


Get started with PostTap SMS in time for the holidays

Now that we're officially kicking off the holiday season and Q4, it's never been a better time to help your users with their holiday shopping by driving engagement to the relevant offers and timely content they care about most. With Button's automated personalization, publishers are empowered with the simplest way to provide targeted campaigns, avoid repeated manual work, and seamlessly keep messages compliant. Most importantly, with deep linking capabilities and extensive commerce data — coupled with managed services working directly with advertisers — Button is the only solution that will support increasing advertiser spend and revenue via SMS. Get started with only a quick line of JavaScript and let Button's team of mobile commerce experts do the rest!


If you're looking to achieve high ROI and resource efficiency with your Q4 campaigns and beyond, connect with us to get PostTap SMS for publishers up and running today!