In today's digital landscape, mobile technology has become an integral part of our lives, providing countless opportunities for businesses to engage with customers. Wowcher, a renowned online marketplace offering a wide range of discounted deals and experiences, has recognized the potential of mobile technology partners in expanding its reach and enhancing its affiliate programme.

Having partnered with their MMP in 2017 to measure app attribution and sales across their digital marketing programmes, Wowcher saw great success when it came to gaining valuable insights into channel attribution and campaign performance across mobile. However, when delving deeper into the affiliate space, they encountered limitations in terms of measurement, deferred deep-linking and optimizing for conversion rate. Recognizing the need for a specialized partner in mobile technology, Wowcher joined forces with Button to overcome these challenges, power mobile growth and create a seamless and efficient user experience in mobile. Button pipes realtime data into the MMP enabling Wowcher to measure and track reliably cross channel through this collaboration.

Already Wowcher is seeing outstanding growth across their affiliate programme with Button’s technology driving over 35% lift in overall CVR vs standard network links.

Button's expertise in mobile affiliate optimization extends beyond deep-linking. Through innovative strategies and patented technology, Button enables Wowcher to drive app installs more effectively inline with their key goal for 2023; driving Installs whilst maintaining ROAS – and Button has surpassed all benchmark metrics by double digits!