Tap has established itself as the platform of choice for enterprise fintechs and the banking community and has surpassed 320 Million MAUs

Button's Tap business has been working with fintechs for 5 years, predominantly offering them a way to provide their users with engaging offers and higher loyalty via linking - historically these links existed only in mobile.  Since launching a new type of linking in 2021, card linking is becoming one of the fastest growing pieces of the Tap business!

Commerce offers have proven to be a great way for fintechs to improve the lifetime value of their user base by increasing interaction frequency with their apps and sites. Financial apps can use retail and brand marketing budgets to incentivize users to start their shopping journey through their app, driving up user engagement and increasing top of wallet spend. 

Historically, marketers and fintechs have worked together via either Card Linked Offers or via online Affiliate offers, and Button's Tap product has seen dramatic growth by offering both!

Affiliate offers use a link which users tap on in order to trigger the tracking and rewarding of subsequent purchases on retailers apps or websites. While this method has been highly effective over the years it does have drawbacks. Firstly the user needs to tap the link and then purchase in a short period of time, and users will only see rewards if they purchase on the device where the original click occurred.  That said, these types of offers typically show the highest engagement and the most uncapped earning potential. 

With Card Linked Offers, the burden of proof sits on the publisher side, and fintechs, banks, and credit card companies can see purchases made via their ledger and can credit users with their rewards with confidence. Now, with Tap's card linked product, there is an independent 3rd party that can show retailers the proof and the truth of the incremental value these card linked offers drive.  

By offering both types of reward dynamics to fintech publishers and their brand and retail marketing partners, Tap's MAUs have grown to exceed 320 Million monthly active users, including 3 of the top 5 fintechs in the US. 

Retail and brand marketers are first and foremost drawn to user volume, traditionally partnership dynamics are labor intensive and difficult to scale, so brands tend to want to spend their time optimising partnerships that can move the needle for them, which is yet another reason for the success of Button's Tap. 

By working with the biggest fintechs in the world, Button has managed to attract the biggest retail and marketing brands in the world.  This combo assures our partners the biggest bang for their buck!

"The rate of growth we have seen over the last six months since we launched Card Linking Offers is unprecedented in my 5 years at Button. The Tap team have listened very carefully to the market and delivered a product that retail and brand marketers and our fintech partners love." Rob Berrisford GM Tap Button.