Performance marketers are held accountable for identifying ways to drive more sales and maximize their return on investment - and that pressure is only increasing in these volatile economic times. Button is seeing more marketers turn to Card Linked Offers to provide an effective and efficient way to reach their target audience, increase sales, and deliver ROI that averages between $16-$21 Based on the research done by Global Market Insights, they estimate that the card linked offers market is projected to reach $1.5 billion this year, implying that $27B in commerce will be driven through this channel with the assumption of an $18 average ROI.

Today, the challenge with card linked offer strategies is that this channel's performance lives in its own isolated world, disconnected from other major marketing channels like search, social, affiliate, and display. This makes it hard for marketers to track the success of their offers, and difficult for them to share their performance with their CMOs because it doesn't live "in their system" - ie their measurement technology stack 

Because the traditional card linked offer providers only support offline reporting, it makes it hard for marketers to integrate card linked offer performance into their current marketing strategy and invest in the channel.  Surveying dozens of current and prospective customers, this issue was one of the key blockers to real investment and adoption of card linked offers.  Not only does the lack of visibility on reporting makes it difficult for affiliate marketers to measure their card linked offer partnerships, it also limits marketers opportunity to receive performance across the board and get the credit they deserve for driving growth for their business.

Established card linked offer providers often don't want to integrate data into performance marketing dashboards, because this will make their advertisers demand better performance and higher ROI where they prefer their card linked offers to be treated like brand marketing.  Those days are ending - and I think that's why marketers are craving for a better solution. 

Button's Tap solution allows fintechs to securely stream card linked offer engagement and transactional event data into Button. As part of our next wave of card linked offer advancements, Button has complimented its incrementality measurement capabilities while also streaming this data into the measurement stack marketers are already relying on - whether that is a DMP or an affiliate network. 

This new capability enables brands to have an incremental, omni-channel performance marketing strategy without needing to integrate new technology, combine disparate data sources, or rely on data teams to measure incrementality. Reducing the operational load of offer management will help brands focus and take advantage of the opportunity to invest in the resurgence of in-store shopping.

With Button's tap to activate card linked offer model, Button drives high user intent attribution across over 300M card holders and 170M monthly active users ranging from fintechs, BNPL, and major grocery and loyalty partners. Marketers responsible for performance and affiliate can now expand their publisher footprint in a new channel and with Button's card linked offer solution and expect  to see double digit ROI overnight - all with no code.

If you're interested in learning more and participating in the new product's beta, sign up here. A select number of partners will be chosen to participate . Don't wait - get started today!