Today, we announced our partnership with AppsFlyer, the global attribution leader, to offer brands visibility into quality app traffic optimized by Button in their AppsFlyer dashboards. Through this integration, AppsFlyer customers using Button's affiliate optimization technology can see the affiliate channel as a media source alongside all other channels of traffic to understand their spend holistically across all marketing activities. Now, brands can access the full suite of Button's solutions, in partnership with AppsFlyer as their mobile measurement partner, to unlock the true potential of performance marketing in mobile for the affiliate channel.

Consumers spent a record $23 billion on apps in Q1 2020, the largest-ever quarter for mobile spending, while staying at home through the COVID-19 outbreak. More than ever before, an app install and conversion strategy is on every marketer's mind as a way to acquire new users and re-engage existing ones. Marketers are also searching for a single source of truth from their mobile measurement partners to capture all attribution information, including app installs powered by Button. 

With this integration between Button and AppsFlyer, brands like Klook, a world-leading travel activities and services booking platform, will now have the ability to gather and analyze mobile performance data like taps, install rate, return on ad spend, and more in a single view on their AppsFlyer dashboards. With this transparency on all attribution data, Klook is able to better understand the lifetime value that Button is driving for its users, and will be more equipped to increase mobile conversions and grow its app user base in the US.

"Klook's mission has always been focused on bringing the world closer together through activities at any travel destination. We are constantly looking at ways to bring greater value to our users and understanding what makes them tick," said Motty Sasson, Senior Director of Partnerships at Klook. "With that in mind, we're excited to partner with Button to help optimize our mobile affiliate traffic, and to be able to see that traffic clearly through AppsFlyer."

"Together, AppsFlyer and Button create value for our customers by giving them a better understanding of how effective their spend is across channels, enabling them to innovate in ways that are almost unimaginable today," said Ben Roodman, Senior Director, Partner Development at AppsFlyer.

"Every marketer is looking to spend smarter and make every dollar count, especially in times like these," said Michael Jaconi, Co-Founder and CEO of Button. "Button is honored to partner with AppsFlyer, the first unicorn in the attribution category, to help our mutual brand partners like Klook have full visibility into their spend across all marketing channels, including the CPA model that Button is bringing into mobile. We look forward to helping brands have a better grasp of in-app spending, value, and performance in order to maximize their marketing dollars in the affiliate channel—the most profitable channel that a marketer has."

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