Another exciting time for Button last week! Not only did we launch a new range of new partners in The Weather Channel mobile site— Uber, Groupon, Resy,, and Caviar— but we also took home a WIN at The Drum MOMA Award ceremony last Thursday. For anyone that may not be aware, The MOMAs (Marketing on Mobile Awards) celebrates the campaigns, brands, and agencies at the forefront of the mobile industry. This includes everything from wearable tech to mobile payments, consumer apps and non-profits on mobile, virtual reality to programmatic buying— and of course our favorite‚Ää—‚Äämobile affiliate.

Button was awarded the "Most Effective Affiliate Mobile Campaign," highlighting our work with two of the UK's leading mobile brands Quidco and hungryhouse. The MOMA judges came from a variety of backgrounds and companies, including Spotify, Fresh Direct, L'Oreal, among others, and voted on the best representation for each category.

We were recognized for our app-to-app integration and overall success we've seen with Quidco and hungryhouse. In looking at other affiliate networks, many of which are built for the desktop era that do not translate to mobile, Quidco realized Button was built for the unique needs of today's leading mobile brands. And having already integrated with Uber through Button's SDK, the ability for them to add a hungryhouse Button was as simple as a few clicks.

"The Button integration has empowered us to drive a substantial amount of incremental sales with the added value of providing a great experience for our users and our partner, hungryhouse. Best of all, we have a flawless way to measure and attribute partner-driven sales on mobile and, as a result, reward our users."— Mel Smith, Head of Client Services, Quidco

Button's solution to creating an app-to-app flow between Quidco and hungryhouse proved to be successful in driving revenue for both partners as well as high-value users for hungryhouse. Not only did Quidco's platform drive users to the delivery app, but these users became high-intent, LTV customers— 41% of those who made a hungryhouse purchase became a repeat purchaser. Ultimately, by integrating the two brands it has led to an better consumer experience and higher conversion rates: a win, win all around.

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