Button’s Mobile Browser continues to outperform native experiences by giving fintechs more control, keeping users within their apps, and keeping attribution in-tact with app to app deep linking.</span></h2><p>Tap, the commerce enablement platform that enables fintechs to build a rewards and engagement experience into their apps, provides not only the best shopping experiences - Tap also offers partners the greatest insights through a customizable mobile browser.<br><br>User experiences in mobile have always been an issue in loyalty, rewards, and cash back apps, long before cookie consent and iOS 14.5 increased the likelihood that users purchases would not be tracked.<br><br>Tap’s Browser, used by some of the worlds biggest fintechs and mobile handset manufacturers continues to outperform the native browsers, especially for rewards publishers.

Link Intelligence

PostTap's Link Intelligence

The link intelligence that is utilized by Tap’s Mobile Browser technology is usable in both mobile and desktop browser extensions, ensuring that users have visibility into where rewards are “earnable”, what their rewards are, and also showcases offers relevant to the merchant’s site they’re currently visiting. The Browser also enables users to navigate anywhere that will provide them a great experience to shop, while ensuring that attribution and affiliation (and their rewards earning) will not be lost.<br><br>That means that if the user has a brands app installed on their device that the app should open and track. If the user doesn’t have the app installed on their device Button’s Browser technology gives fintechs the ability to keep the user within their own app.<br><br><span style="font-size: 36px;">Increased conversions</span><br><br>In split tests vs native browsers the improved linking and tracking that Tap’s Browser technology offers increases conversion rates by 50% and the revenue per tap that Fintechs earn increases by 45%.<br><br><span style="font-size: 36px;">User Browsing Data</span></p><p><img src="https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/wwASUBQnhPfLr7xjWgDiQalsWJPs2ybvKNdEFf5kdu0_xxdK4WN-yPYn4q2VO52Te1WLW1ForaOU8LKi7A1oXBh2uOOvME99iI2h6aVOdPE7ZrNmrdkDhTq8xfE6gqPD1MtJSzO0O5thFlZ38w" width="602" height="168" loading="lazy"><br><br>By owning the browser experience rather than using the native experience, Fintechs have the opportunity to better understand the browsing behavior of their users and use the information to better personalize offers for them in the future.<br><br><br><span style="font-size: 36px;">In Purchase Messaging Opportunities</span></p><p style="text-align: left;"><span style="font-size: 36px;"><img src="https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/bgkR1wM4ze6mo2La8pCENAhTvZ--V-bH6o4bL7oajpCNDT63d_exOIjhKf6a3Fh1yvra_-b_ZySrbC93kdBqtwcYw6TZGZWT-_330jP40G1RUXbePj4-o_cYoFvZsvA1WAmPitm_dgPIQ87S7w" width="602" height="252" loading="lazy"></span><br><br>By maintaining users within their app via Tap’s Browser, Fintechs open up the opportunity to communicate with users through the purchase process, reminding them of rewards and driving increased conversion rates.<br><br>By controlling the browser experience with Button’s Browser technology Fintechs have the opportunity to dramatically increase their conversion rates, reduce their customer service enquiries and gain more insight into their users' buying behaviour.<br><br>With more than 320M MAUs Tap is the solution used by more fintechs than any other commerce solution for card linking or affiliate offer aggregation. Integrating through Button enables you to integrate offers from all affiliate networks, all card link networks, and accesButton’s exclusive merchant relationships. In addition to that, with Tap’s mobile experience and link optimization and powerful features like our Browser, no platform offers companies a simpler or more robust solution to build a commerce strategy.</p>