One of the world's biggest fintechs has seen engagement increase dramatically by offering their users offers with Tap by Button.

When surveyed, 73% of users said their primary reason for opening the app on that occasion was to see offers and deals. By driving engagement via rewards, the well known Fintech is able to increase user engagement and lifetime value, both of which are key metrics of success for all apps.

The digital wallet sees 23% of users make more than one purchase in their first 30 days after downloading the app via Tap by Button.

Tap by Button has proven to be extremely popular with many of the world's biggest Fintechs including Cash App, Capital One and Mastercard and now sees over 320 million MAUS.

"We have seen over and over again that rewards are key in any fintech's tool kit. A 73% increase in engagement is the difference between wild success and failure for many companies. I am extremely proud of the work we are doing within Tap to help our partners win in the extremely competitive fintech space" Rob Berrisford, GM, Tap by Button.