Marketers, let's fix this problem so your influencers earn what they deserve and you get the credit you're due!

Upon studying over $6B in mobile commerce driven by the Button platform, we've uncovered that influencers and creators are missing north of 50% of the revenue they're entitled to.  This means 3 things:

  1. Consumer experiences are still broken in mobile (maybe more so than ever today) and revenue is being lost
  2. Marketers that are partnering with creators and influencers are losing credit that they deserve for the sales they are driving 
  3. The army of creators and influencers that are trying to support themselves through these partnerships are being severely penalized due to this breakdown in mobile experiences 

Button, the mobile experience platform that optimizes traffic for most category leading retail, on-demand, and travel brands and supports every major affiliate network by driving more value from their mobile traffic, sees billions of dollars in commerce driven by influencers and creators each year. This data has uncovered the magnitude of what many marketers don't know they're missing!

Unfortunately we also see that far too often, influencers drive sales which are not credited to them, and they are losing out on a massive revenue opportunity.  Additionally, the marketing teams that manage influencers at these big retailers aren't setting their partners up for success!  

Mobile traffic from influencers originates across a variety of different sources - with organic posts by creators and influencers on social media platforms making up the lion-share of traffic.   In these environments, creator and influencer traffic is hit with a number of issues from in-app browsers causing friction, the forcing of users to log in to retailer sites before they purchase (users always stay logged in on these retailers apps), to linking to products where inventory is sold out, to pages not existing within an app.  With hundreds of thousands of influencers and a similar number of product pages on retail sites and apps - mapping all of those permutations and how to treat each link as a marketer is impossible!   Here is a snapshot of the performance PostTap's technology sees broken down by platform:

Platform Uplift 2

How Button's technology works....

Traffic is sent to Button's PostTap product from various marketing channels - and based on context, historical behavior, identifying where things break from an attribution or consumer experience standpoint - Button's AI determines where to send that traffic to give the user the best buying experience and the marketer the best return on their investment and visibility. 

In turn, we've discovered that creators and influencers drive more revenue when their retail partners adopt PostTap.   

Influencer marketing teams will see their revenue climb when they adopt PostTap - and this is a big part of why Button's is growing faster today than ever before in history.  

Why this matters for Marketers?

Utilizing Button's patented built-in incrementality technology and holdout groups across traffic channels, marketers are identifying the true value of their influencer programs and gaining stronger insights on which influencers should be invested in. 

Some retailers see 400% increase in performance of their creator and influencer revenue when adopting PostTap, with the most muted impact still driving north of a 50% lift.  What's most remarkable is that when you talk to CMOs or leaders of most large marketing organizations, "influencers and creators" are consistently one of "the most important pillars" in their strategies. 

The tough reality is that the creators and influencers are often the least resourced partners these retailers work with - so there is a need for retailers to work to fix these issues, or for the influencers to turn to platforms to do this for them.  

Imagine you're an influencer or creator, do you have software engineers to support your integrations? Do you have a QA team to help ensure your links and the traffic you're sending is converting as it should?  If something breaks, what options are available to you?

These reasons are just a few of the  reasons Button is seeing such explosive growth in adoption across its platform with 2022 being the fastest year of growth in history, and with 2023 already off to a record breaking start.

Marketers that are investing in "creator and influencer" strategies need to invest in fixing the broken experiences and the lost credit this vital channel is driving both for them as marketers and more importantly for the influencers and creators that are relying on this channel for their livelihood.  

If you're interested in learning more about how Button is helping the world's best and brightest marketers do this, reach out to our team - if creators and influencers are a priority - we've got a Button for that...