Since 2017, Button and Awin have partnered to optimize affiliate programs for apps. 

Awin, the global affiliate marketing network that empowers advertisers and publishers of all sizes to grow their businesses online, has long seen the value in mobile strategy. As a result of growing mobile commerce trends and clear demand from their client base, Awin formed a strategic partnership with Button, the leading mobile commerce platform built to optimize traffic and deliver revenue growth using AI powered decisioning. 

The partnership means that Button can now enable large enterprises integrated with Awin to efficiently generate installs and app conversions from Awin's affiliate-generated traffic with surgical accuracy. This creates sky-high conversion rates, more profitability, and increases publisher commissions, as well as provides better experiences for users, advertisers, and publishers. Like the great business innovator Michael Scott of Dunder Mifflin once said: "Win, win, win!" 

While we've long advocated affiliate marketing as an app overachiever, it's refreshing to see how this channel, when configured correctly, commands such a significant percentage of "first time app buyers" when compared against the other digital avenues, such as search and social.

 Numerous leading online multinational retailers, which generate millions in gross marketing spend (GMS) via their affiliate programs every month, put the Button and Awin partnership to the test with stellar results.

Here are the top 4 takeaways from the Button-Awin-Retailer partnership:

1. Optimizing mobile links with the Button-Awin partnership generated up to 31% of total daily installs downloaded across channels. 

Only a handful of enterprise brands have scaled their affiliate programs for app. That's a shame! App has the potential to transform your affiliate program into an engine of mobile growth while enabling affiliate marketers to have more reasons to get promoted (hey CMO, check out how many first time app buyers my channel is driving).

2. App CVR is often 3x higher than mobile web CVR.

This confirms brands cannot be complacent with a simple linking strategy (I.e., linking to an app only when that app is already installed). Converting web prospects to mobile app loyalists in the beginning is crucial to realizing more profitability and sales.

3. Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) is 20% higher for new customers acquired via the app vs. the website.

App acquisition is no one hit wonder. Its value compounds over time as your brand establishes roots on the most premium inventory in the world: Customers' mobile phone screens. Said another way, you're leaving 20% of lifetime earnings on the table for a customer if you don't onboard them through an app experience.

4. New app customers spent 4x more compared to existing app customers over the same 9-month period.

Not only do apps uniformly generate better experiences, which is the reason we're glued to them all day, but once installed they afford a plethora of app-based levers — such as: push notifications, in-app rewards, in-stock updates, and more — to generate Lifetime Value (LTV) far into the future.

It's an uncertain, inflationary market. Everyone's goals are bigger, yet budgets are thinner. If you can efficiently produce 20% more LTV or double the conversion rate while maintaining your existing traffic and commissions structure, it'll make ghoulish Q4 targets that much more manageable. 


If you're a marketer that hasn't figured out how to incorporate app tracking and installs into your current Awin program for whatever reason — be it tech resources, privacy restrictions, or lack of business case — you're not alone. Awin and Button are here to help guide you through this process and evaluate if now's the right time to embark on a mobile-first affiliate program.  

Ready to supercharge your program by incorporating your mobile app?

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