Learn how Button links can drive improved install rates, conversion rates, and ROAS from your email channel!

We know that linking in mobile is fractured, broken, and inconsistent - ultimately leading to poor user experiences and conversion rates. That's why Button has spent the past 7+ years building solutions like PostTap App to improve performance outcomes in affiliate for the world's leading retailers. However, did you know that Button's PostTap App links bring the same turbocharged results in other paid channels outside of affiliate - such as Email - one of the largest and most efficient 1:1 marketing channels? 

Built on patented machine learning algorithms, Button's PostTap App technology optimally routes users on the most performant journey to increase conversion outcomes - whether the starting point is a link on an Influencer page or a link in an email campaign. Marketers turned to Button to optimize the performance of their email channel with the same frustrations and broken experiences that have plagued the affiliate space for decades. By using Button PostTap App links in Email, marketers have seen:


As a results oriented company, we maintain holdouts on all campaigns to measure the lift Button links are able to drive over the default experience. In addition to driving significant increases in overall install rates, install to purchase rates, and ROAS - and turning Email into a top install driving channel - Button's PostTap App links are also able to persist coupon codes associated with an email campaign. Marketers focused on growing their app user base have leveraged Button links to dynamically persist and populate mobile specific promo codes when users download and make a purchase in-app - all seamlessly and without any manual intervention. 

If you're looking to improve the performance of your email campaigns, connect with us to get Button links up and running today!