Marketers have long known that acquiring customers to purchase in-app results in higher overall engagement rates, basket sizes, and revenue. However, in order to calculate the true value of a newly acquired app customer, it's crucial that marketers leverage LTV - calculated as revenue driven by a new app buyer over the course of a year - to get a holistic picture of ROI. 

While budgets are under ever-increasing scrutiny in this tough economic climate, all channels are at risk of having budgets cut and efficiency goals increased. That's why it's more important than ever to ensure top performing channels have the right KPIs, technology, and measurement solutions in place. Across our enterprise customer base, Button sees 5x-10x+ ROAS for app installs over a one year period, with standard CPI costs of $5. 

Across top performing categories in 2022 Button saw the following LTV per app install:

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Note that these LTV metrics are understated by as much as 200% as purchasers will organically come back to purchase in-app without originating in a paid channel. 

In addition to ensuring that the right KPIs are in place, Button can help you launch campaigns specifically geared towards driving high quality app downloads. Here are three top tips that our savviest mobile customers have adopted:  

1. Ensure you are have the right partners and technology solutions in-place to achieve your mobile objectives

Button's PostTap App technology is solely focused on improving performance outcomes in mobile. Ensure you have the right data pipelines and mobile measurement providers in-place to meet your internal reporting needs. 

2. Leverage Button's dynamic landing pages to run app-specific promotions

Button's PostTap App landing pages offer marketers the opportunity to fully customize copy and creative to increase app installs and conversions. Implement mobile-specific promo codes for first-time app buyers to increase adoption of your app. 

3. Test different strategies

Test different strategies and messaging to see what creative has the highest likelihood of increasing LTV of your app downloads.


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