Enhanced Collection & Engagement Targeting 

In the last month, we've been working hard on shipping smarter targeting capabilities that increase ROI, allowing you to send more targeted and more effective messages to only the users that you want to engage with.

Multi-Tier Category Audiences

Get even more precise with your campaign targeting via automatic, multi-tier category audiences. As your subscribers interact with your website, we'll now automatically construct higher-fidelity, tiered segments, giving you more flexibility and more precision when you set up targeting for your campaigns.

No more complex mapping your customers browsing behavior to rigid and incomplete categories. PostTap SMS converts existing user behavior into dynamic targeting constructs. 



Collection Campaign Targeting

Create targeted user journeys by linking together Collection and Engagement campaigns. You now have the ability to target engagement campaigns (re-engagement, drip, broadcast) to only users collected from specified collection campaigns.


Some of our favorite use cases include:

  1. Convert your email list to SMS subscribers using in-email collection experiences, then engage those users with a dedicated series of drip messages.
  2. Collect users in-store using PostTap-generated QR codes, then broadcast in-store offers to those subscribers.


Enhanced Collection Rules for Web

We have added two new targeting capabilities to our ButtonJS library, allowing you to further refine the audience for individual collection experiences.


Targeting Subscriber Collection By User Status

Design a members-only collection campaign, or entice your non-members with an impossible-to-resist signup bonus. Our new "user status" display rule allows you to flexibly target logged-in users, logged-out users, or both. Combine these rules with expanded Query String rules to build powerful sets of campaigns.


Query String Collection targeting

Dial-in when users are prompted to sign up for SMS with the expansion of our URL-targeting capabilities. Previously, we only provided the ability to target the page path of your website (the portion between example.com/... and ?parameter=). With this latest advancement, you can define a display rule to look for values within your query parameters, allowing you to target specific marketing channels, specific user journeys, or much more.


Common Use Case: Redirecting a newly registered user to a URL that contains "?new_user=true". Targeting this value with your collection campaign will prompt your newly registered user to join your SMS program.




Success Stories

A leading e-retailer turned to Button to help answer the question: When is the Best Time of Day To Reach Your Audience via SMS? Through the use of our recently-announced Subscriber Localized Campaigning, we answered this question. 


What's Ahead?

  • Direct subscriber capture, with the ability to embed marketing opt-ins within your existing registration and user flows.
  • Robust identity mapping, making use of your knowledge of your customer to unlock more accurate, more intelligent messaging techniques and audience capabilities.