Rawlings and Button teamed up to increase sales and retain customers, generating a 123x ROI and an average of $38 per new subscriber.

Rawlings Sporting Goods, the iconic American sports equipment company based in St. Louis, Missouri, sought to grow their SMS subscriber base and to create a 1-1 connection with customers. They chose Button's PostTap SMS platform to achieve these goals, while simultaneously generating sales and increasing user retention. 

Specifically, Rawlings wanted a user-first SMS platform that would improve customer interactions while increasing sales ahead of baseball season. 

Rawlings tasked Button to create a personalized SMS campaigning curriculum, incentivizing users to subscribe to texts and to engage with the brand more frequently with well-timed promotional messaging. PostTap SMS has also empowered Rawlings to create a privacy-first connection with customers - with their explicit consent - a key element in today's post-iOS14 world.

With the power of PostTap SMS, Rawlings launched an entirely new channel for customer acquisition and re-engagement, creating an opportunity to build new relationships and loyalty with a highly engaged customer base. Users who opted-in received welcome messages with exclusive offers along with ongoing, personalized messaging promoting new product lines and sports collections. The program generated a new scale of users and delivered a highly efficient return on a per-message-sent basis. Rawlings' program has quite literally knocked it out of the ballpark with an ROI of 123x! 

Key Takeaways:

  • Rawlings created a valuable channel for 1-1 communication with their most loyal customers with PostTap SMS
  • Button's customized campaigning strategy reached Rawlings' customers at the right time for conversion, with a simple and user-friendly purchase flow. 
  • Rawlings has now incorporated SMS as part of their overall marketing strategy and is continuing to see compounding growth in subscribers and revenue month over month.